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Tina Turner You Are Only as Young as You Marry

Tina Turner You Are Only as Young as You Marry

Take a moment to consider 73 year-old rock legend Tina Turner. There’s an old adage that says you’re only as young as you feel. With Tina now able to “feel” her 57 year-old husband Erwin Bach whenever she “feels” like it, she is proving that you’re only as young as you marry!

Tina Turner has been rock royalty for a very long time now. From her first start in the business when she belted out hits like Nutbush City Limits and her first marriage to husband and owner of the band, Ike Turner, to her appearance as Aunty Entity in Beyond the Thunderdome, Turner has led a life that was huge compared to anyone elses.

She survived her hellish marriage to Ike Turner and later the What’s Love Got to Do with It singer met the German music producer Erwin Bach back in 1985 and they became first a platonic couple then lovers. The differences in the couple’s ages, even now, raise a lot of eyebrows and jokes about cradle robbing and Bach being Turner’s “toyboy” abound.

But way back in 1985 when the two first met, even though Tina was almost old enough to be Erwin’s mother, the two clicked and became fast friends first. Only after a year did the two realise that they had deeper feelings for each other.

Now, Turner and Bach have gotten married, with Tina at the age when most “normal” folks are thinking about which nursing home they’re going to wind up in. But the 73 year-old Turner is not normal. As stated above, she is not a mere mortal like the rest of us. She is a rock and roll legacy. Her gutsy delivery of her music has kept her forever young. Not only in our minds, but obviously in her own.

Turner made the headlines earlier this year when she renounced her US citizenship to become a Swiss citizen. An outcry of tax evasion was made until the rate of Swiss taxes was revealed and then confusion arose about why Turner would renounce her citizenship to become part of a european country where English was not their first language.

The reasons have never been clarified and really they are no ones business. The legendary Nutbush singer had her reasons, just as she had her reasons for getting married for the second time at the grand old age of 73. She’s proving that when you are a 73 year-old rock legend, you really are only as young as you marry!

But age differences aside, perhaps the singer has decided that even at her late stage in life, she deserves to be happy. It is a well documented fact that her first marriage to Ike Turner was a sham and quite horrible. He was a drug addict who beat her and mistreated her as she revealed in her book, I Tina, My Life Story.

She’s definitely changed her mind since her 2006 interview with Oprah Winfrey. She said to the talkshow host that people often asked her why she didn’t marry. Turner explained, “I have love. I have a good life. I don’t need to interfere with that. For some people, marriage means ‘You’re mine now.’ That can be the beginning of the failure of a relationship.”

During the interview, she added, “Psychologically, something happens when someone says, ‘You’re my husband or wife. You can’t do this or that.'” ” It’s about ownership. That freedom that two people loving each other and wanting to be together – and being able to leave if anything is wrong – is gone,” Turner said, “Neither Erwin nor I feel the need to get married. We’ve been together for 18 years. What would marriage give me that I don’t already have? Marriage would be about pleasing the public. Why do I need to please the public if I’m already pleased?”

Tina and Erwin have been together 10 more years since her interview with Oprah and things have obviously changed. It nothing else, Turner does want to prove to the world that Erwin is hers. She’s also living proof that old rock stars don’t get older, they get married.

Tina Turner has proved that you are only as young as you marry with her tieing the knot with Bach.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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