U.S. Number 9 in Internet Connectivity Speed


How fast is your Internet connection speed? If you live on the East Coast, chances are that your speed is higher than that of almost any other  state, with the possible exception of Utah. Still, on the average, the U’S. has fallen to #9 on the world rankings of average Internet connection speeds.

The rankings of every country in the world are listed in the latestState of the Internet Report by Akamai (NASDAQ: AKAM. It’s a networking company based in Cambridge, MA, that handles about a third of global Web traffic.

The latest statistics cover the first quarter of this year. They do not present a rosy picture for American Internet users, compared to the top eight countries.

The U.S. was  eighth just last quarter but dropped one place from the previous quarter, to ninth overall, at 8.6 megabits per second (mobile networks were not included).

Now, replacing the U.S.,  Sweden now takes eighth place with an average connection speed of 8.9 megabits per second.

According to Akama’s report, overall, U.S. connection speed actually improved by 27 percent compared to the previous year. Still, that increase didn’t stop America from dropping in the rankings.

Which countries are ahead of the U.S. in Internet connectivity speed?

Topping the list is the continent of Asia. South Korea, Japan, and Hong Kong are the countries in the top three spots.

Scandinavian countries did well, also. Switzerland took the number four spot, and the Netherlands took the fifth spot.

In the sixth spot was the mighty country of Latvia, while the seventh was occupied by the Czech Republic.

Rounding out the Top Ten countries highest in Internet connectivity speed, at #10, was Denmark.

What are some of the reasons the U.S. is performing poorly against its rivals?

There are several reasons why the U.S. is performing poorly against these rivals. A larger population than some of the other countries on the list is one reason,and also — compared to some of the countries — thee is a bigger landmass to contend with. Also, some other countries often enjoy a more competitive market for service providers, and this competitive edge shows in these rankings and others.

Not only do U.S. consumers have slower Internet connectivity speeds than much smaller countries, they also pay more money for their slower connections.

This problem has resulted in some people calling for Internet access to be treated as a public utility. Also, Google has now become a competitor, bringing super-fast gigabit Internet connections to selected communities through its Google Fiber program.

Still, despite Google’s entering into the fray, the U.S. is lagging behind eight other countries who all have higher Internet connectivity speed in comparison.

Of the East Coast states that have the highest Internet connectivity speed, Vermont, New Hampshire and Delaware take the top three spots. Utah was the only top-10 state beyond the East Coast on the list of the states which have the highest rate of Internet connectivity speed.


Written by: Douglas Cobb

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3 Responses to "U.S. Number 9 in Internet Connectivity Speed"

  1. Douglas Cobb   July 23, 2013 at 7:54 pm

    Thanks, Tomas, for your comment. The source I used said that they were Scandinavian countries, so that is what I wrote, though I should have checked on that for myself rather than taking the word of the source on the matter.. Norway and Sweden are two Scandinavian countries, but not Switzerland nor the Netherlands.

  2. Tomás   July 23, 2013 at 5:09 pm

    Switzerland isn’t a Scandinavian country, neither are the Netherlands. But thank you for bringing attention to this matter, which boils down to monopoly and lobbying.

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