Ugly Badminton Brawl [Video]

The Canada Open took an ugly turn when a brawl broke out in the final round.
The Canada Open took an ugly turn when a brawl broke out in the final round.

The Canada Open took an unexpected turn in the final round of the men’s doubles badminton tournament on Sunday. As the two remaining teams were switching sides of the court, an ugly brawl broke out on the badminton court.

Typically a low contact sport, the fans in attendance were treated to a show that was anything but in the final round. Both involved were disqualified from the competition.

Bodin Isara and Maneepong Jongjit, former Thai Olympic teammates broke out into a fight after “witnesses say that Isara started the fight and flashed the middle finger while Jongjit hit his former teammate with a racket,” reported The Big Lead.

On top of being disqualified, Jongjit required five stitches on his ear.

Isara initiated the badminton brawl, suddenly dropping his racket and chasing Jongjit into a neighboring court. Punches and kicks were thrown by Isara until coaches and event staff were able to intervene and split up the melee.

A video of the ugly badminton brawl can be seen below.

Although badminton is not typically a sport that turns violent, there was a great deal of build up to this moment. Earlier in the tournament the two were assessed a warning following an ugly verbal exchange. Their tempers flared throughout the event, often glaring at each other in between points.

Quarter-finalists in the London Olympics together, the two men split after Isara retired to take care of his dying mother. However he didn’t retire from the sport at all, rather he was unhappy training in Thailand’s badminton center. He wanted continue playing elsewhere, and chose a new teammate in order to do so.

Apparently their reunion tour at the Canada Open didn’t go as well as hoped. No word on whether or not the two face any discipline as a result of their ugly brawl on the badminton court.

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