University of Washington Police Thwart Possible Attack


Armed Man Arrest.JPEG-0bb54An unnamed 21 year old Nevada man is under arrest.  University of Washington Police are unsure of his intentions, but they may have thwarted a possible attack on the campus.

He was discovered in a truck that had been stolen from Butte, Montana.  Investigators found Molotov cocktails, a ballistic vest and two allegedly stolen guns; a scoped rifle and a shotgun in the truck’s bed after getting consent to search it, Chief John Vinson told reporters.  They found no ammunition, and are in the process of obtaining a search warrant for the truck’s cab.

“We have no idea what his intentions were,” Vinson said. “… We don’t have any information that would suggest any type of attack, but this is an active, ongoing investigation.”

The man was seen sleeping in the truck near campus on Tuesday.  Campus police checked the license plate, and found nothing amiss.  On Wednesday they received a report that the vehicle had been stolen in Montana.

The university police contacted Seattle police and the Federal Bureau of Investigation after searching the vehicle and finding the suspected bombs.

“Anytime that you have someone who has body armor … long guns and also incendiary devices, that’s a significant concern,” said Jim Pugel, interim chief of the Seattle Police Department, which is helping university police in the case.

The man has not been formally charged with a specific crime.  He is not cooperating, but a spokesman said that he did not appear to be a threat to the University of Washington.  It remains a possibility that an attack on the university was thwarted by campus police.

Alfred James reporting


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