Verizon Slams AT&T Publicly

Verizon delivered a full page rant with the 'Wall Street Journal'

Verizon slams AT&T on wall street journal

You could almost hear the ringside bell sounding in your ear! AT&T claims to be the “nation’s most reliable” 4G LTE network in the industry. In angry retribution, Verizon delivered a full-page, public rebuttal in the ‘Wall Street Journal,’ that rings with a snap of “oh no she didn’t!”

On the full-page tirade, Verizon refers to its biggest competitors idea of reliability as “bogus” and states the claim about 4G LTE  is based on advertising effects rather than substantial truths.

“To us it’s not a hollow claim,” Verizon writes in the ad. “Or a slogan. Or a fancy ad campaign.” Ouch. Verizon continues its pitch to consumers, saying:

“We set the highest standard for ourselves and work hard to deliver that standard to our customers,” Verizon says in the ad. “So before others can claim reliability they need to answer to our standard.” Although when prompted what the “standard” is based on, Verizon embarrassingly replied, “It’s the ‘Can you hear me now?’ standard.” While their pitch may have been aimed at AT&T, it makes some tech consumers wince from the public bashing.

Verizon slams AT&T wall street journal
Verizon’s full page ‘Wall Street Journal’ slam against AT&T























These two contenders have battled for years about the claim of standards, and frankly, consumers like the battle, as long as competition lowers the price. What neither seem to understand, is both are dominate forces under their own network brand, so spending more on ads to demoralize one another seems counterproductive.

For now until most networks depend on LTE fully, Verizon’s services operate under the CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) network. This means CDMA is available in more areas than AT&T’s GSM. CDMA has a nice call quality, hence the “can you hear me now?” slogans that became an instant viral rage. The GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) network is the key phone for consumers who want to travel internationally with their phone. GSM is deploying a larger market share each and every year nationally. Overall, the technology still has remnants of CDMA, but it shouldn’t dictate the way these two are ripping each other like a piece of meat between two lions.

LTE (Long Term Evolution) will eventually replace both networks, hence the hair pulling battle. But, it also stems from the GSM network – this is where a lot of the lingo can become tech heavy, so basically in a nutshell, LTE is mega fast. That mega fast comes with a price tag. While Verizon and AT&T are chest bumping, they fail to understand that their data plans are pretty expensive for the speeds. While speeds are desired, smaller outlets like Sprint are having the last laugh.

Sure in 2012 Verizon was the lead horse, it bragged about the expansive LTE network and they were right, but AT&T still has every right to boast about speed, because in a test between the two – AT&T wins in both download and upload speeds. In addition, AT&T is creating further frustration for Verizon because its own LTE service is slowly becoming larger.

Verizon made its points, we get it. There is going to be nothing but tension as these two monsters want to be the individual winner. AT&T has slammed Verizon and now Verizon had their turn during their ‘Wall Street Journal’ full page blow-out. As long as consumers don’t feel like the product of a bad relationship, slam away!

Angelina Bouc

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