Veronica Mars The New James Bond

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 Veronica Mars The New James Bond

Jackson Douglas: ” I hear you do detective stuff for people.” 

Veronica Mars:”I do favors for friends.”

Jackson Douglas: “I can pay.” 

Veronica: “Sit down, friend.”

The fans and the public at large have spoken. Veronica Mars became a very popular TV series in 2004, but was unfortunately cancelled in 2007. The fans were crushed and so were the actress who portrays Veronica and series creator Rob Thomas. None of them wanted to give up on the sassy young P.I. However after a lot of planning, talking and finally deciding on making a follow-up movie instead of another TV series, the production needed funding. The difficulty was that no studio wanted to give the money for this project. So Kristen Bell, the actress who plays Veronica Mars, and Rob Thomas decided to ask the public for donations on the Kickstarter website. This was such a success that they could finally start to film their dream project. A Veronica Mars movie. However if it’s up to the movie crew Veronica Mars will be the new James bond: as in James Bond the franchise, not like wearing tuxedos and always looking impeccable.  Today the whole crew including Bell and Thomas shared some behind the scenes footage at Comic Con.

But what makes Veronica Mars so irresistible? There are a lot of TV series who never received this treatment even though they have a loyal group of followers. (Better Off Ted, Freaks and Geeks etc.) It is difficult to pinpoint exactly why the others haven’t made it, and Veronica did. However here is a list of why you should look forward to seeing the movie:

  • Veronica Mars has the teen drama spunk but is so much more than “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” or even ” Gilmore Girls.” This series combines witty, fast paced dialogue with action and fun pop-culture references. In addition it’s not a warm-feelings type of show. Many “real” topics are addressed, like: infidelity, sexual abuse, murder and kidnapping. Strong points for a movie franchise just like the movie crew wants: Veronica Mars the new James Bond franchise.
  • The strongest point though is that after a while you get really attached to the characters. Even though the show has great themes and action scenes it is all about the characters and what they are going through. Veronica Mars is very likeable and very well portrayed by Kristen Bell. Veronica might seem cool and collected but she actually makes a lot of mistakes and misjudges people by trusting the wrong people. Because dating a drug dealer, accusing the wrong person of murder or faulty stereotyping someone isn’t the most appropriate thing to do. However we can all relate. Haven’t we all done something slightly similar?
  • The show has it all: great writing, likeable characters, good chemistry between the actors and never a dull moment. It’s definitely something else and the movie hopefully will reflect this as well.

Have you been a fan since the beginning? Or did the adoration come at a later stage when Kristen and Thomas went on Kickstarter and asked for your help? What do you think? Will this be the new way of making movies? Is this a good thing? For now lets wait and see how the movie turns out and if Veronica Mars will indeed be like a new James Bond, as in franchise not as in secret agent-shaken not stirred womanizer.

Don’t forget: “If there’s a justification for my actions right now, it’s this: I have gone completely mad.” Veronica Mars.

By Georgina Pijttersen

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