Vin Diesel Comic Con and Marvel?

Vin Diesel at Comic Con talks Marvel?

Vin Diesel and David Twohy made fans very, very happy at the San Diego Comic Con. Diesel and Twohy’s first came to Comic Con back in 2000 when they introduced a new character in the film Pitch Black. Since then, their “new” character has become part of our pop culture, as can be evidenced by the amount of “Riddick” fans at the world’s biggest pop culture event, Comic Con. But Diesel wasn’t just there to talk about Riddick, he also mentioned Marvel. Is something big going on here?

Pitch Black made Vin Diesel a household name, the futuristic thriller about an almost unstoppable killer who faces an entire planet of death became a cult hit and ensured that both Twohy and Diesel would be back for a part two dealing with the newly iconic Riddick.

But the sequel disappointed true fans of the verse and it’s rugged, isolated anti-hero. The 46 year-old actor had to reinvent his career with a move to the Fast & Furious verse where, except for a short break, he’s stayed. He’s now working on the seventh film in the long running franchise.

Now he and Twohy have returned to Comic Con after a 13 year absence. And just like the first time they came to the event together, they’re talking Riddick.

Both Comic Con and Diesel have gotten bigger since then. But it looks like Riddick is due to return to our big screens again, this time in a sequel that the two men hope will be more faithful to the original film and not suffer the restrictions of film ratings that the studio’s imposed on The Chronicles of Riddick.

The two men talked about how the sequel that they wanted to make came about. Twohy revealed that, “Our creative meetings were in Vin’s kitchen, I sat on the counter … it made everything very streamlined.” He also explained that he wrote the script “on spec” and that without Vin Diesel’s support, “I couldn’t even dream of this.”

But the dream came true and the film has been picked up by Universal after the two men secured the film’s production costs at Berlin’s European Film market. After that it was just up to the studio to agree to distribute the film, which they did.

Using his time at Comic Con wisely, Vin Diesel talked about Riddick a bit more in depth and then got around to talking about Marvel, very briefly, afterward.

Diesel told fans that the new Riddick film will be an ‘R’ rated feature and will be grittier and more faithful to the world of Riddick. Combining the mythos of the character himself and by adapting as well as growing the storyline of the second film.

Diesel also explained that the new film being rated higher than PG-13 meant that their budget could be smaller which, according to the actor, made the risk smaller was well. Word on the street is that the new film will be much more intimate and closer to the low-key original.

David Twohy stated that he thinks they’ve done the character and the verse justice. He said, “I think we did good job of paying off past debts and moving it into new territories.”

Diesel spent some time talking about being a father and how that has changed the way he sees Riddick and his characters actions. The Riddick actor said, “I feel guilty for having such a darkness in that character. Now I go, ‘That wasn’t needed, you shouldn’t have killed that guy.’ It’s only because I have kids now.”

But it wasn’t all about Riddick at the San Diego Comic Con. The question was bound to be brought up about Diesel’s possible inclusion in Marvel’s The Avengers 2, and it was.

According to MTV, the Riddick star was a bit nonplussed by the question. He said, “Oh God, Oh God. Wow. Uh… Hmm, uh…” Diesel then went on to say, “Well, in theory. I didn’t know there were over eight-thousand characters in their library. Did you? Did you?! Eight-thousand characters! They were saying, ‘You know, Vin, we have eight-thousand characters…’ “

If Vin knows that there are eight thousand characters in the Marvel universe, was he asked which one he wanted to play?

Amused, Diesel said, “No! I mean, ya’ know, I hope there’s more thought than that. I mean, there’s two Visions, for the record. And people know one was created by Ultron, one was created by Proctor, as you know, if you follow…”

Unfortunately Vin didn’t follow through with his “almost” information. As he maintained that he wasn’t allowed to! But he did hint that he was, indeed, going to be moving to the Marvel verse with his last statement on the subject of Marvel. He said, “There is some big news coming at the end of the month. Poor Marvel. Poor Marvel.”

So Vin Diesel talked about Riddick at Comic Con and he talked about Marvel. Now we just need to keep our eyes peeled to see if he plays The Vision in the Marvel verse. He does, after all, seem to know a lot about him.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom