Nicki Minaj Reminds Miley Cyrus That She can Twerk in the Pool (Video)

Nicki Minaj Reminds Miley Cyrus How to Twerk in a Pool

Nicki Minaj Reminds Miley Cyrus How to Twerk in a Pool

While Miley Cyrus seems to think she’s cornered the market on sexy music videos and twerking it with her girlfriends, Nicki Minaj reminds Miley that she can twerk as well, and what’s more, Minaj can do it in the pool! Nicki also seems to be showing another youngster in the pop world just how you should use the new video feature on Instagram, Justin Bieber can take a few lessons from the twerking Nicki on what you should be showing in your Instagram posts! See Nicki twerking below.

The day before posting this sexy pool video, Nicki posted to show off her nearly naked “thong look” and to top that, she then went on to show just how to “twerk it in the pool.”

Justin Bieber holds the record for being the quickest celebrity to use the new Instagram video feature and Miley Cyrus holds the record for the sexiest music video to date, with her twerking with her friends, but Nicki Minaj says, “Step aside, youngsters and watch a ‘real’ woman twerk it!”

The 30 year-old singer decided to shot the Instagram video is classic black and white and she shows herself leaning on the side of the pool while she raises her nether regions half out of the water to give it some sexy shakes!

But Nicki isn’t taking herself too seriously in her printed bikini, sunglasses and motorcycle with her picture emblazoned on the front. She has a belly laugh at her own antics. As if to say, don’t take any of this stuff seriously young ones, it’s all in good fun.

Nicki also shows that all this “sexually” charged imagery by the two youngsters should remember that sex is a good natured past time, not just a money making one in the form or videos or shirtless pictures for fans. Miley Cyrus could learn a thing or two from Minaj’s “fun” pool twerking video.

Nicki also gives an ample view of her cleavage just before she gets onto her motorcycle to rev the engine of the bike sitting by the pool.

Her caption for the Instagram video that she posted on her Twitter account read, “Video #bikeLife,” and “#TwerkDatAssThusdays.”

The former American Idol judge has been turning the Twitter social site read hot with pictures that she’s posted of herself. Showing Justin Bieber that Instagram isn’t just for kids! With her Thursday picture of her bottom in a very small, “almost not there” pink thong and the caption, “#ThongThursdays” as well as her #CamelToeWednesdays picture, we won’t bother explaining what that picture was about, she’s showing just what you can do with Instagram.

Nicki also proves that, apart from sending the message that no part of the singer’s body is “off limits,” she doesn’t need music to twerk either. The booty action of Nicki’s is done sans music and is all the more impressive because of it.

It looks like Minaj has thrown down the “twerking gauntlet” and she’s reminding Miley Cyrus that Nicki was twerking long before the former Hannah Montana star ever thought of it. Nicki can twerk it in the pool and she’s got the footage to prove it! See Nicki twerking in the pool below.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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