What Happens When You Make the Homeless Smile?

What happens when you make the homeless smile?
No matter where you are in the world you are bound to see those without homes camped out on the side of the road with their small bundle of belongings and possibly a sign. In the United States and other ‘third world countries’ they are referred to as ‘homeless people’, which is funny because in India they could also be the sadhus or ‘holy men/women’ and in still other countries, well, that is just where people live. One has to admit that we are not always attentive to these people, many folks just pretend they are not there and walk right on by. But what happens when you make the homeless smile?

I have often been fascinated by this sorted bunch of individuals weathering both their own obvious personal storms and the actual storms of nature – hot, wet and cold. Has it ever crossed your mind to do something nice for these people, like offer food, dollars, jackets, water or even a kind word? Well, three young men in particular have decided to inspire people to do just that and started something of an internet craze just a few weeks ago.

Initiated by Adam Saleh, Sheikh Akbar and Abdullah Ghuman – AKA the “ASA Team”  had their YouTube video about making homeless people smile go viral. In the first two days they counted over 200,000 views and now the numbers are climbing closer to one million. Their hope is to make it the new ‘Facebook Trend’ saying that previous trends running through this popular social network have been largely meaningless. Well, this movement sure isn’t meaningless to the many people who are touched by random acts of kindness inspired by the ASA Team.

Here is their amazingly inspirational video:

Their hope is that everyone will go out and make a homeless person smile. Bring them some water, a cookie, sing them a song, have a conversation, share a poem, anything. These people living on the street are people to, often times with big hearts just down on their luck. Wouldn’t it be amazing if just a little bit of extra love could pick these individuals up out of their gloom and inspire change in their lives – knowing they are worth something too?

What does happen when you make the homeless smile? Well, you’ve seen it second hand on this beautiful video – are you inspired? Maybe each one of us can find someone out there today to give a little love to. They say what you give, you get back ten fold, or something like that. Not that we should give in hopes of return on the ‘investment’, but it just feels good to see someone else perk up, doesn’t it?

This isn’t the only project these guys have done to inspire others. One previous work included “Meet a Muslim Person” where they interviewed strangers of the Muslim faith to help others better understand the Islam faith, they themselves being Muslim. You can find their ‘Make the Homeless Smile’ video and page on Facebook and find out ‘what happens next.’


Written by: Stasia Bliss

Sources: Huffington Post; YouTube Video

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  1. roo friend   November 5, 2013 at 3:26 am

    I’d like to know what besides giving gifts to the homeless you are doing about their plight from a systemic point of view

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