Why Americans Should Rally Support for Anthony D Weiner?

Anthony D. Weiner
Anthony D. Weiner in hot fire for doing what’s natural.


Anthony D. Weiner is in trouble, again, with the public for his preference for sexting and sending sexually provocative pictures to women throughout the city; but despite all the crass comments other media outlets are propagating, American’s should rally support for Weiner. Weiner sunk to fourth place among Democrats in the first poll taken since he admitted to having illicit online exchanges with women, reports The Christian Science Monitor. Even after former Gov. Eliot Spitzer and the Clinton’s attempted to sway him out of the election, Weiner shot back.

“I am not terribly interested in what people who are not voters in the city of New York have to say,” Weiner said in response to a question about whether the former president and secretary of state, who live in Westchester County, could influence his decision.

Influence is the most important word in his comments. Who really has influence and why do they influence?

The laws of sexual politics in this country leave the judgement of the just in the hands of the unjust: sexual prudes. There is nothing unclear or unsavory about Anthony D. Weiner’s behavior despite the fact that he might consider cropping his face out of these online correspondence he’s been having with women (for multiple reasons). Weiner’s behavior has been described as pathological from most sources on the web. According to an NDTV article, some suggested the indiscretions might be an addiction with neurological roots. Others theorized that Weiner, a Democratic candidate for mayor of New York, could be meeting sexual needs unsatisfied in a marriage. And still others said he might be driven by a combination of a mood disorder and feelings of inadequacy to seek reassurance about his masculinity from women he had never met.

The common thread, through all of Weiner’s problems (from the point of view of his haters) is the fear of the influence he may have on the general public. However, the general public is already partaking in the same activities on a daily, if not hourly, basis. In a Huffington Post article entitled “Adult Sexting On The Rise: 1 In 5 Americans Send Explicit Text Messages, Poll Finds” in June 2012,  a Harris Interactive poll found that one in five Americans sext or share racy text messages with others on their smartphones.Though the Lookout survey revealed habitual sexting among baby boomers and parents — one out of five moms and dads — the largest percentage of ‘sexters’ still falls within the 18- to 34-year old category, at 40 percent. Between men and women, the largest number of males who sext are between 18 and 34, while women who sext tend to be older, in the 35- to 44-year-old range.Past reports drew from a 2010 Pew Research Center poll that found six percent of Americans over 18 sent a racy photo, while 15 percent of adults received such a photo. Within the 18-to-29 demographic, the number of adults sexting was higher: 31 percent sent a photo and 13 percent were on the receiving end of a nude or nearly nude pic. We should rally support for Anthony D. Weiner just based on these statistics.

Weiner’s behavior is outside the confines of the education we have received about sexuality. Sexuality is supposed to be private, and for some, they have no right even to that–for the fear that it might be exposed. Weiner is a case in point. He is a public figure who has served the public, many have said well before these “mishaps”, very well. However, because he is a public figure he is not entitled to a sexuality and a private life. The public likes to watch public figures operate, as if in a menagerie: they like to see them play and do what they want them to do, for the publics entertainment; and they become enraged when the public figure does not act in accordance with their beliefs and whims. The public figure is trapped. But, not only the public figure.

The masculine has been guillotined and emasculated everywhere in government; everywhere one turns, masculinity is under attack from the effeminate and the feminine. To describe Anthony Weiner’s actions as “intriguing to mental health professionals ” is baffling: one might wonder how often these mental health experts engage in sexual intercourse. Weiner sent his picture out to women, like many men and women do on frequent basis, and so he’s mental? No, he’s human, and he’s a man. Testosterone is no drug to mess with: it can send you sky-high or souring to the deepest depths. Anthony is not mental, he needs an outlet, a catharsis–one involving many other women. This is what we call nature.

Our sexual education persuades us that we must all be the same, inclined to safe behavior–when the risky behavior is the livliest.The reason men in this country express so much rage is that they can’t live out their lives like men. Who wants safe sex? (excluding condom usage). Nobody, and many don’t want the condom! Women enjoy men who conquer and take actions that might be deemed inappropriate or disgusting in the public. However, when the curtains close, and the public is not in sight, these same women light up when it’s done and said to them. This is the reason why we still have men who act like cavemen, because there are women who love them.

How an accomplished adult could continually engage in such behaviour and believe he would not be caught would be a central question in any diagnosis, said Dr. Richard Friedman, a professor of clinical psychiatry at Weill Cornell Medical College. Sadly, however, a man like Dr. Friedman, falls victim to the same logic: people want to hide their sexual “deviancy”. But, just maybe, he wanted to get caught.”That would suggest,” Friedman added, “that fantasy of being an adventurous, sexual-risk-taking person served him well – made him feel more secure and made him feel better – not only now but probably at other times of his life.”  Weiner doesn’t have a psychological problem, he might have a problem with the prudish majority who keep men like himself, and men throughout public office and America as a whole, locked up in an overly feminized system of “safety” and “fear of being caught”. Real men don’t fear being caught in anything; they will put their so-called pathological behavior on display for all the feminized to see–that maybe they might win back some men to the masculine side. Risk taking behavior–yes, manly behavior–is being recalled in great numbers in this country, and we are all paying the price for such over feminization of our soil.

There is a hands off policy when it comes to sexuality in America: that is, we feel we don’t have the right to be sexual beings in public anymore. Anthony D. Weiner is only one of many public casualties who got caught do the natural. The prudes have taken over our sexual lives, from outside the home and within. When Weiner sent those sexualized pictures to the women he communicated with, he broke an important moral law: thou shall not be sexual (except in private, in the dark, and thou better not get caught doing that). Because sex is bad in America.

Weiner’s habit of sending women graphic photographs of his body, Friedman said, suggested someone with a deep insecurity around his body image and his masculinity. On the contrary. This habit suggests someone who might be over filled with himself. His cup of arrogance runneth over. But, this, too, is masculine and not pathological.

Our sexual education is limited to sources which condone the religious view of sexuality–the Judeo-Christian view:sex seen as something sinister. The news promotes it; the educational and justice systems enforce it.

An illegalization and criminalization of sexuality leads naturally to punishment. The punishment Weiner is receiving at the moment is not just–it’s necessary based on the puritanical rules we have set up for public officials. We are crippling our public officials: maybe this is why the federal government can’t get its shit together? The public officials are sexually repressed. It’s better to have a public offical who shows up to work with afterglow, rather than sexual constipation. Our national budgets depend on them. Look at Bill Clinton, he was sexually satisfied, and the nation prospered because of it.

All of this psycho mumbo jumbo wears on the cognitive processes. Where are the real men?–and why are they not speaking up in defense of Weiner’s behavior.

Weiner’s punishment is not fair. It criminalized the natural; making it mental.

While researchers have long recognized addictions to drug and alcohol, they have not as thoroughly studied habits on sex, pornography and online communication state NDTV. It is clearly evident that medical professionals and the like will attempt to link the two, thereby creating another disorder out of thin air.

Dr. Scott Haltzman, a psychiatrist and author of books on infidelity, said serial misbehaviour like Weiner’s, even in the face of intense public humiliation, was a “hallmark of addiction.” “Addicts tend to minimize the potential risk,” Haltzman said. “They tend to rationalize their aberrant behaviour and seem to think that they’re the exception to the rule.”

And, here we have at the heart of this debate, the pit of the problem: the problem with the exceptions. It’s a terrible thing to be an exception today–the masses are ruling with an iron fist and stomping out any notion of the exceptional: they call it equality. Here lies the problem, among many others, with diagnosing every non-feminized action of men as pathological/mental. Another possible cause of an individual’s engaging in such activities could be bipolar disorder, which, if not treated by medication, would lead to unusually intense desires, poor impulse control and bad social judgment, Friedman said. Exceptional men everywhere are in hiding, public figures especially, out of fear of the many and their “diagnoses”.

We constantly search out “sexual deviants”, or exceptions to the rule, in the public so that we might make society safe–however, compared to other developed societies–it never appears to get any safer! In an interview with The New York Times Magazine published in April, Weiner denied that his original misbehaviour was a result of troubles in his marriage. He spoke of feeling isolated. The ever creeping phantom of COMMONERNESS is devastating to the exception. Those who set themselves on their own paths are always isolated from the many–the basic!

A sexually satisfied politician is a productive politician. Sexual deviants are what we make them. We believe that a 30-year-old man who marries a 14-year-old girl is a pedophile. But,not long ago, even in this country, such behavior was the norm–until the public stepped in and declared the arbitrary age of 18 as a legal age. Weiner’s actions are not deviant, they make society safe. The society that provides for the sexual satisfaction of its citizens, is the society, which helps to decrease male rage–hence violence.

Weiner’s judgement does not fit the crime, because no crime was committed. If sex is a crime, then take us all the chambers of death. We have allowed the sexually unsatisfied to dictate to us what proper sexual behavior is: they define it so that they can justify their lackluster sex life.

To be a little dramatic: to lock men up in this sexual prison is unjust and criminal. The opinion towards public figures and sexuality should be turned on its head. We have to support those who live out loud: public officials have the right to have a sexual life of their own too. We should fight to support the right to allow all adults the right to a sexual life free of public intrusion–the rallying call is sounding off in support of Anthony D. Weiner.

The sexual prude should be placed on trial for crimes against humanity. These immoral judges must learn to, first, please themselves.







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