Why any Criticism of the Events in Egypt is Wrong


women-activistsCountries are not geographical boundaries, huge building or edifices, or even constitutions and declarations.  The citizens of countries are not, or should not be, forced to be of a single mind, a single belief.  Countries are people.  The will of the people should prevail.  That’s why any criticism of the events in Egypt is wrong.

The following is a statement by the Muslim Brotherhood on their official site:

“We declare our unequivocal rejection of the military coup against President-elect and against the will of the nation, we refuse to participate in any process with the unligitimate power , we are against violent dealing with peaceful demonstrators.”

We call on demonstrators to show restraint and commit to peace and we reject the repressive practices of the police state including killings, arrests and restrictions on freedom of the media and the closure of the channels.”

What they are opposed to are the people of a nation who rejected an attempt by an autocratic leader to institute sharia law.  The one subject all critics of the Muslim faith can agree with, is that the majority of extremely fervent followers are misogynistic.

President Obama spoke against the ‘military coupe.’  He called for the army to return control of the country to Morsi.  He probably hasn’t noticed that Morsi was attempting to put into place his own agenda, because he is obsessed with the same efforts in the United States.

‘Bloomberg’ issued the following:  “The Egyptian military’s decision to arrest Muslim Brotherhood leaders is a huge step backward. It more or less ensures that the movement will draw the wrong lesson from this latest Islamist experiment with electoral democracy.”

They are also wrong.  The military are members of the citizenry as well.  A country is people, government is supposed to serve them.  When our elected officials fail us, or attempt to dictate to us, they must be removed by any means.

If the leaders of the world are fearful of the events in Egypt, they should be.  The people of the world are angry and have nothing less than disdain for most government.  Turkey, Syria, Iran, Iraq, and Afghanistan are countries of unhappy, but determined people.  Rebellion is frequent, and although it is unorganized, it is quickly assembled, as the ire of everyday people is directed at their leaders.

In the United States, 90 percent of the people are disgusted with our government.  But, our fat-cat Washington government does not fear its people.  They are forgetting that our military, below the rank of General, or Admiral, Colonel, or vice-Admiral, are angry for the treatment they have not received as well.  There is a ground swell in its infancy.  If you are a member of the working class, you can feel it.

Many of Egypt’s protestors are women.  All over the world women are coming out of the shadows, and from behind veils, to fight against the tyranny that has been laid upon them for centuries.  Eventually, extreme Islamic rule will fade, as women take their rightful role in society.  Time will see male dominance diminish, until women attain full equality with their male counterparts.

Here in the United States, the war that is being waged against women will end more quickly.  They are becoming the second largest voting block, and will eventually surpass white men.

Examination of the Egyptian revolution is a direct result of the anger of women.  Any criticism of the events in Egypt is wrong.  A government is not in place to rule its people; it is intended to serve the country, which is, in fact, its people.

Alfred James reporting


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