Natalie Cole Releases New Spanish Album – Tribute To Her Kidney Donor


July 1, 201, golden-throated rhythm and blues singer, Natalie Cole released a new album recorded entirely in Spanish. Cole was inspired to cut the new album after becoming the recipient of a kidney transplant from a Hispanic donor. Natalie is the daughter of legendary music icon Nat King Cole.

Ask Men reports, “In 1991, Natalie released the album Unforgettable, With Love, a collection of her father’s greatest hits, that she sang as duets with him thanks to the marvels of electronic recording technology. This album topped the Billboard album charts and won a slew of Grammys in ’91.

Natalie said, “One thing I knew was that if I did win a Grammy for Unforgettable, I would be winning it not only for myself and all those who had worked on it, but ultimately I would be winning it for Dad.”

Natalie Cole’s career is one of steady success: a reflection of her talent and a tribute to her father.

Natalie Cole stated, “So happy to announce that my first Spanish-language album ‘Natalie Cole en Español’ will be released on Verve/Universal on June 25. I’m passionate about Latin music and inspired by my father’s Spanish-language albums. Can’t wait for you to hear it!”

On July 2, 2013, CNN Entertainment reported, “The daughter of musical icon Nat King Cole, who suffers from hepatitis C, underwent the life-saving procedure in 2009 after a young woman from El Salvador died during childbirth. Cole, 63, has bounced back from ill health thanks to the operation, and she has decided to pay tribute to her donor with the release of “Natalie Cole En Española,” her first project since the surgery. “

Cole told, “I don’t believe in coincidences. I believe everything happens for a reason. That this donor was from a Latin family, I feel like I’m part Latino now. That made the desire to make this record became even stronger.” CNN reports, “Cole, who does not speak Spanish, learned the language phonetically to cover Latin American classics by artists such as Agustin Lara and Juan Luis Guerra, and she even collaborates with her late dad on “Acercate Mas,” using a recently-discovered recording of her father performing Unforgettable” and her holiday album, “Caroling, Caroling: Christmas With Natalie Cole.”

By: Marlene Affeld

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Natalie Cole’s Spanish album is tribute to her kidney donor

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