The Walking Dead VS Game Of Thrones Zombies Win

Comparing Zombies And Jofferys

The Walking Dead VS Game Of Thrones Zombies Win

Why can’t we compare the two most popular TV shows “The Walking Dead,” and “Game Of Thrones” ? The themes might be different, zombies vs winning the throne, but there are many similarities. Characters we love, and we hate. (Without a real protagonist.) Fun dialogue, which although it may sound odd, we actually relate too. Great fight scenes, and every episode keeps you wanting for more. However lets delve into the not so similar aspects. Do zombies really win?

– Both series are based on earlier work. “The Walking Dead” follows the comic book, albeit not to the letter. It does keep up with it, without drastic changes. “Game Of Thrones” started by following the book to the letter but after the first season, one the producers decided to skip ahead farther and farther. (Makes us wonder how many more seasons there will be. Will they make as many seasons as books, or just stop after a few more?)

– George R.R. Martin, the “GoT” writer doesn’t care about our feelings. He prefers to kill of as many principal characters as possible just to keep us on our toes. “The Walking Dead” does this a bit less shockingly. Of course many are killed, but some will continue without the real “OMG what just happened reaction.”

Internet users everywhere have their own thoughts on the subject, and added: “Personally i think both shows are good they have their positives and negatives, and the backers of each, AMC and HBO, do a good job of making or backing these two shows.

I love both shows for different reasons. First the Walking Dead. I love it well… because its a Zombie show!!! I also love Daryl, the new girl starts with an M… I cant remember her name, and Glenn.

But I love the GoT because I loved the books and then the show came out and, wow, they have done a great job. I wish the wolves were in the show more but, well, that’s a small complaint.” Therefore according to this user if it’s The Walking Dead vs Game of Thrones, GoT wins . (The zombies need to try again.)

Another commenter agrees that “The Walking Dead” and “Game of Thrones” are very difficult to compare, however there are some similarities to note. He said:”I’m sorry but, SPOILERS from The Walking Dead, when Lorrie died in that episode I broke down. Rick’s character totally sold it for me and I’ve never seen that before. The Governor is also amazingly insane and you’re comparing medieval-type dialogue with that of characters from present day. I always hate it when people do that; when people act like people we know, it’s nothing special, but throw in some accents and costumes/makeup and “HOLY SHIT GOOD ACTOR! I’m sophisticated ‘n shit…” I don’t think either of these shows are the best of all time. But yes, Thrones “scope” is bigger as in it’s larger scale but when I look at scope, I look at the message. And, yes… the mid-season finale of TWD this season was the best television episode I’ve ever seen other than… idk. It had everything I could ever have wanted it to and that’s just mid-season. And Lorrie’s been dead for half of this season so she’s no longer annoying… gotta say, though. I loved her in her last episodes when we got to see where she was coming from and how distraught she was about everything. Really made her death matter… ” In his opinion it’s a “The Walking Dead” zombies win.

What is your opinion? Can the two epic shows be compared? Can there be a The Walking Dead VS Game Of Thrones comparison? If so which parts? Or do you think it’s like comparing zombies, and Jofferys?

By Georgina Pijttersen

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5 Responses to "The Walking Dead VS Game Of Thrones Zombies Win"

  1. Harvey   March 19, 2014 at 2:41 pm

    And did I mention?………heart pounding! Lol, but another thing I’d like to mention, TWD is “VERY” underrated when it comes to acting (alot of powerful and emotional acting is overlooked in this show, but is the very reason everyone is hooked and they don’t even know it! Genius by the creators and producers of the show) and quality (cg animation, scary deserted locations and eery cinematography, realistic zombie and character creation) GOT is one of the best TV shows ever made, but the book is better. TWD is one of the rare shows in which the show exceeds the book (comic, I know! But that’s even more impressive!) The entertainment factor of TWD just blows GOT out of the water! Simple and plain. Most of everyone I know watches both shows and say that GOT is better, but they DVR GOT an almost have a wreck rushing home to catch TWD. Can’t wait for the premiere of GOT april 6. GOT is epic! But TWD is better and deep down inside GOT fans that also watches TWD know that too.

  2. Harvey   March 19, 2014 at 2:00 pm

    I watch both, but if you’re talking about quality? GOT wins, but if you’re talking about knock down, drag out, in your face, gut wrenching, edge of your seat entertainment? TWD wins hands down no debate, and I watch both shows faithfully, but lets be real here…..never seen anything like the walking dead! ever!

  3. Anon   March 2, 2014 at 8:56 am

    Game of Thrones just wins on plot hands down. The Walking Dead has too many deaths for no good reason. I mean, Game of Thrones has death but it’s generally part of a war or a sinister plot or something

  4. Lanore J. Rusch   January 15, 2014 at 6:50 am

    Love, love them both but TGOT wins for me. I love the majesty of so many of the scenes and it shows a time I have never seen, but then so does Walking. ;I have to vote for TGOT as it has held my interest like no other show because of all the surprises and how it has so many stories going on at the same time.


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