Zimmerman Critics Not Interested in Other Black Victims

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As if it wasn’t already clear to every intelligent American, the circus that is the George Zimmerman kangaroo court continues to cast a spotlight on the dishonesty, stupidity and hypocrisy of those who are determined to see Zimmerman convicted. Everyone – from elitist, cable news channel hosts to the illiterate thugs who are threatening violence on the streets of Sanford, Florida, should Zimmerman not be convicted – is weaving a fairy tale about an innocent young black man who was killed because of his skin color. These very same people, however – whilst railing against George Zimmerman – have never shown the slightest interest in any other black victim of gun violence.

The black community should actually be taking a long, hard look at those who pretend to care so very much about what befell Trayvon Martin; it should be asking some questions of these dishonest race-baiters, including Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, The New Black Panthers and the hosts at NBC, CNN and MSNBC. The first question would be; why have none of these people ever shown the slightest interest in the shooting death of Ed Cooper, a 15-year-old black child who was gunned down whilst playing a ballgame in a Chicago neighborhood on July 8. Why is the fatal shooting of 14-year-old Damani Henard not worth a rally? What has Al Sharpton got to say about the murder of Elliot Frazier, 26. Where is MSNBC’s coverage of the Georgina Randell killing? Rendell, 30-year-old mother of two, who was shot five times in front her two young children, July 8.

Each of these victims of deadly violence had two things in common; they are all black and they were all killed in Chicago – where, incidentally, the strict gun-control laws are proving highly effective. There is one other thing each of these people almost certainly had in common; and it is the reason why nobody – other than their family members – cares about their deaths: Each of their respective killers was, in all likelihood, black. Rendell’s killer, Wynton Collins, was black. Nobody has been arrested in the other killings, and one could argue that it is unjust to assume that their killers were black. Certainly, they all died in predominantly black neighborhoods. There were eye-witnesses to each of these killings, but no-one has been arrested in any but the Rendell murder. It is very reasonable to assume that, had any of the witnesses seen a white person doing the shooting, these stories would be widely publicized by now.

The sad and disturbing truth is that the shooting of Trayvon Martin is only being given attention because Martin was black and the man who shot him is – according to the media – white, even though he is no more white than our bi-racial President, Barack Obama. George Zimmerman is an Hispanic man who happens to have light skin. George Zimmerman’s father, Robert, is white; however, if that makes Zimmerman white, then it appears that we currently have a white President, since Obama’s mother was white. Even now, however, the mainstream media refer to Zimmerman as a “white Hispanic”. Immediately following the shooting, the media had enthusiastically painted a picture of an over-zealous and racist white neighborhood watchman who gunned down an angelic and innocent black boy. Once it became evident that Zimmerman was Hispanic, the so-called journalists at CNN et al decided to cover themselves by labeling Zimmerman a “white Hispanic.”

Had Zimmerman been black, he would have avoided the publicity, altogether; not one of the news networks or newspapers would have cared about Trayvon Martin; Neither Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson nor any other politician would have ever heard his name; the Black Panthers, along with all the degenerates who are currently making threats from the safety of their computer keyboards would waste a moment of their time grieving for Martin. The 17-year-old’s parents would be mourning his death in obscurity.

Zimmerman’s critics – the people who show no interest in any black victim of violence, unless the attacker is white – should be deeply ashamed of themselves. The parents of Trayvon Martin, if they had any shred of self-respect, would be disgusted at the way their son’s death has been exploited. As for the mainstream media; their dwindling credibility has taken yet another hit.

Whether or not Trayvon Martin deserved what happened to him, his death has exposed a level of racism, ignorance and hypocrisy that would be laughable, were it not so tragic and so disturbing.

An editorial by Graham J Noble

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