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Adam Sandler YouTube Video of Cheetah Attack (Video)

Adam Sandler video of cheetah attack.

Another actor who is on the publicity train at the moment is Adam Sandler who is promoting his sequel film Grown Ups 2. The SNL alumni and comedy film star was on David Letterman when he told about a safari that went a bit wrong. According to Sandler, you could get out of your jeep and commune with the animals. He showed Letterman a “YouTube” video of the cheetah attack when he was out of the jeep.

The 46 year-old actor explained that he’d gone on a private safari and that a guide told him he could feed the cheetahs. Unfortunately for Sandler, it appeared that the cheetah thought the star was what he was getting fed!

Sandler said, “This is a true story … there were very nice people at this place, and let me in with the cheetah and the owner said I could feed the cheetah water with my hands. So I did it, and something went a little bit wrong.”

The video shows Sandler reaching down into a pool of water and cupping some of the liquid in his hands. Then before he can turn around to face the cheetah, the animal jumps on his back. The guide with Sandler grabs the animal and pulls it off of the actor.

Sandler said apparently he’d gone about the whole “water feeding” thing wrong. He said, “What happened was, they said you were not supposed to bend that low with water.”

The comic actor told host David Letterman, “I was very nervous. It was fast. … I had a stiff neck at the time, so when he jumped on me, I was like, ‘Oh, my neck.’ … And when he jumped on me, all I was going to let him do was eat me. I wasn’t going to fight back!”

The cheetah obviously wasn’t a fan of Waterboy and this was its chance to do some real-life criticising. But whether the cheetah was an Adam Sandler fan or not, the whole thing was caught on video and David Letterman showed the “YouTube” type footage for the audience with Sandler providing narration as he was attacked.

David Letterman thought the whole setup sounded somewhat dubious. At one point he asked if the whole thing of getting out of your vehicle was even legal! He also shouted out when the cheetah jumped on Sandler’s back, “Wow! You’re very composed!”

Before Sandler told his “true story” he revealed that he had been in South Africa working on a film with the actress Drew Barrymore, who he has worked with before. Barrymore had a part in the 1998 film The Wedding Singer and she later co-starred with Sandler in the 2004 film 50 First Dates. Sandler who is alleged to be the richest performer in Hollywood, took a day off filming to take part in the private safari.

Sandler also told Letterman that he remained calm because he decided that “inside” it was his time to die!

You can see Adam Sandler telling the story to David Letterman and see the “YouTube” video of the cheetah attack down below. Grown Ups 2 is due out in cinemas on July 12 this week.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom