2 Guns Shoots Down Competition Domestically as Pacific Rim Slams Smurfs 2 Worldwide

2 Guns Shoot Down Competition Domestically as Pacific Rim Slams Smurfs 2 Worldwide

Denzel Washington’s latest offering 2 Guns shoots down the domestic competition as Pacific Rim continues to be the high earner worldwide, slamming Smurfs 2 into second place in the battle of the box office.

Washington may not draw a salary commensurate with Channing Tatum, but he’s a star that consistently delivers at the box office. 2 Guns makes the 58 year-old actor’s 11th straight box office take of over $20 million. So far this weekend, 2 Guns has pulled in an estimated $27.4 million and it’s still rising in terms of receipts.

Denzel’s latest film also has the distinction of being his fifth best film opening during his career. Universal Studios must be pleased as they predicted that the film would open in the low $20 million bracket and the film has easily beaten that low bench mark. For a film that cost a reported $61 million to make, it looks like the studio will at least earn their production costs back, if nothing else.

Washington’s film tromped other films in terms of box office although The Wolverine was on a downward slide before 2 Guns opened. The Wolverine managed a second place spot at $21.7 million followed by The Smurfs 2 at $18.2 million with third place going to The Conjuring which pulled in around £13.7 million. Which means that the James Wan horror film has managed to clear $100 million on its 16th day of release. Family favourite Despicable Me 2 came in at over $10 million which means that the popular sequel has cleared $326.7 million over the 33 days that it has been running.

Smurfs 2 has taken a pounding domestically and the film has even been shunted into second place worldwide. At home the second film to feature the little blue creatures landed in third place its disappointing $18.2 million from Friday to Sunday. The sequel has performed well behind its original opening two years ago which garnered an impressive $35.6 million.

Worldwide, Smurfs 2 narrowly missed first place as Pacific Rim slammed the live action/toon film at the box office. Pacific Rim finished big in China and despite Smurfs 2 doing very well in Russia and Korea the film still placed second in the lineup.

It could be argued that Pacific Rim’s box office figures of $53 million versus Smurfs 2 figures of $52.5 are too close to really count. It seems that with Smurfs 2 disappointing return stateside that audiences weren’t that keen to see Dr Horrible act against the blue bodies of Christina Ricci and Jimmy Kimmel or Hank Azaria (best not hang up that Simpson’s jacket just yet Hank).

Sony will still be happy about its box office earnings, despite Sony investor Daniel Loeb getting slammed by super star George Clooney earlier. Because the “international” earnings of Smurfs 2 combined with the film’s domestic box office equates to a cool $80 million which isn’t too bad considering the competition.

The overall opinion about Smurfs 2 not doing as well as expected is that it suffered from opening after Monsters University and the, still, popular Despicable Me 2. But the news that 2 Guns has shot down its competition domestically won’t be too surprising considering its running mates at the box office. The surprising news is that Pacific Rim is still leading the box office worldwide and has slammed, if only barely, Smurfs 2 into second place.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom

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