37 Dead in Malaysian Resort Bus Tragedy

37 Dead in Malaysian Resort Bus Tragedy

A bus carrying 53 people from a Malaysian resort in Kuala Lumpur has crashed down a deep ravine, killing 37, including its bus driver, states a Malaysian police report.

The tragedy is said to be one of the worst in Malaysia’s road accident history.

The bus had been travelling down from the popular Genting Highlands resort in the district of Pahang, when it suddenly lost control and plunged 30 meters into the deep gorge.

Police dogs were dispatched, along with rescuers, to comb through copious vegetation for any survivors.

16 passengers were then found, pulled from the accident site and taken to hospitals in nearby Kuala Lumpur and Selayang for treatment.

The ravine was so deep and unattainable by road, prompting rescue services to use a crane to salvage passengers, the survivors of whom had sustained acute injuries.

This Malaysian bus tragedy is the country’s worst for ten years.¬† Prior to that, another accident occurred in December of 2010, when a double-decker bus had flipped over, killing 28 Thai passengers, close to the Cameron Highlands.


Written by: Brucella Newman


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