Amanda Bynes Moved to UCLA Medical Centre

Amanda Bynes Moved to UCLA Medical Centre

Amanda Bynes has been moved to the UCLA Medical Centre as the first step in her mother Lynn’s conservatorship of the troubled young star. After Lynn asked for and received legal permission to take over her daughter’s affairs, she has moved quickly to get Amanda the best treatment possible for her initially diagnosed schizophrenia.

Amanda herself has had a long “public” meltdown that seemed to start with her being charged with driving under the influence and two alleged “hit and run” incidents. After this, she went through a string of bizarre incidents that seemed to show that she was suffering from some sort of mental illness or drug problem.

The Hairspray star didn’t help herself when she flooded Twitter with tweets that blasted anyone who displeased her as being ugly and her continual self photos and references to numerous plastic surgery operations painted a disturbing picture.

While the world argued about whether Amanda really had a problem or if she was pulling some sort of publicity scam, she was arrested in New York for smoking marijuana and throwing a bong out of the apartment window.

While the legal mechanizations on her, then, latest run-in with the law moved forward, she relocated to Los Angeles and began exhibiting further bizarre behaviour.

After attempting to trespass into a retirement home, she moved down the same neighbourhood to “torch” a stranger’s driveway, where a passerby noticed that she’d set part of her clothing on fire. After a neighbour had contacted emergency services, Amanda took her pomeranian and left the scene.

She was spotted later at a LA liquor store and when she was questioned by police, her answers prompted them to take her in on a 5150 hold order.

Since then, Amanda has been on psychiatric hold, which was just extended, and her parents have pushed for and been granted legal conservatorship. Amanda was initially diagnosed as being schizophrenic and she has been placed on a course of medication that is, according to sources, helping the 27 year-old star to recover.

Her worried parents have now taken steps to ensure that their troubled daughter is being treated as well as possible. Her move from the Ventura facility where she was originally put when placed on the 5150 hold, seems to indicate that they only want the best for their girl.

Before they were granted the conservatorship, Amanda’s parents could only stand by in frustration as they watched their daughter’s behaviour increasingly deteriorate. Despite their concerns, they could not step in and help until Amanda was put on the 5150 order to protect the ex-Nickelodeon star from hurting herself or others.

When Amanda left the Ventura County psychiatric facility, TMZ reports that she was hidden under a blanket to keep too many paparazzi pics from being taken. Apparently, her parents wanted Amanda to be moved to the UCLA Medical Centre earlier, but there were no bed spaces available.

Amanda Bynes’ parents have moved her to the UCLA Medical Centre because it has the best psychiatric facilities in the US. Her initial diagnosis of schizophrenia will be investigated by the new medical facility.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom