The Party Never Ends for Charlie Sheen

The Party Never Ends for Charlie Sheen

When you think Charlie Sheen you think actor, drugs, sex, women, booze, money, and yes the comedy shows such as Two and a Half Men as well as Charlie’s more recent venture ‘Anger Management’. Though the show broke history with a surprising 5.74 million viewers on the night of the show’s premiere, it has been steadily decreasing in audience.

But that far from dampens the spirit of this classic bad boy, he was noted to have been seen with porn star Capri Anderson, the very same woman involved in the Plaza Hotel meltdown 3 years prior, fueled by drugs, physical assault,  extortion and death threats. An anonymous source says, “It’s crazy, they have been seeing each other for about a month now.” The same source has also reported that Capri is in fact living with him. Considering the violent past between the two, where Capri claimed that Charlie had hired her as a $3,500 escort that night, took her to dinner with drugs for desert.

Then claimed that he just lost it and put his hands around her throat and screamed profanity at her. When police had found her, she was naked in the bathroom where she had locked herself in, and later she claimed he offered her $20,000 to make the whole thing go away. This was a real shock to learn that the two had reconnected.

Though according to TMZ’s sources there isn’t just one girlfriend there are three, all porn star veterans’.  Jana Jordan, Celeste Star and Jayme Langford have all been dubbed Charlie’s Angels. Though interestingly enough Capri isn’t mentioned. But whether its 3 girlfriends, four or even twelve, it comes right down to the fact Charlie Sheen isn’t slowing down any time soon. People have even claimed that despite his age he’s partying harder now, than he did before.

It seems as though he is telling us that the party never stops for Charlie Sheen.

Written by: KyAuna Alonzo

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