Amanda Bynes Puppy Love

Amanda Bynes Puppy Love

While Amanda Bynes has been under her 5150 hold which has just been extended for another 30 days, She’s been missing the love of her life. The pomeranian puppy that she almost burnt to a cinder before she was put on involuntary psychiatric hold. But TMZ reports that now she’s been able to have a visit with her little pal.

This is the same dog, named Sherbert, that was with the 27 year-old ex-Nickelodeon star when she tried to set fire to an elderly lady’s driveway in Thousand Oaks, California. Sherbert and Amanda had a pretty busy day as earlier the All That actress tried to get into a retirement home.

Staff there turned her away, but kindly got her a cab to leave. After hopping into the cab, she told the driver she had no money and the police were called out. With her trespassing thwarted, she moved a little way down the road to the ladies house in Thousand Oaks.

Apparently as she drenched the driveway in gasoline, she also drenched herself and Sherbert. She actually told the neighbour who called 9-1-1 about the fire that she’d burnt her dog. This was while her own pant-leg was allegedly on fire!

Before the fire department and the police arrived, she’d caught another cab – she’d obviously gotten money from somewhere after the debacle at the old folks home – and she left the scene of the crime. Later, she was seen on CCTV in a liquor store, clutching her pomeranian pooch as she made her way to the employee’s washroom.

When an employee went to make her leave she was rinsing gasoline off little Sherbert. She was arrested not long after and was placed on the 5150 hold. Once Amanda Bynes was incarcerated, her pomeranian puppy was sent with her parents to love until further notice.

According to TMZ, Amanda has been asking about Sherbert repeatedly since her psychiatric hold. It seems that she’s really been missing her little pal. But apparently, once Amanda started responding to her treatment, she was allowed a visit by Sherbert.

Her mother and father turned up during visiting hours with a little furry canine who answered to the name of Sherbert. Amanda got to spend a half-hour with her pomeranian pooch and we imagine that she really appreciated the visit.

With the news that Bynes has had her 5150 extended for another 30 days, and that her mother has been given temporary conservatorship for the troubled star, we imagine that this little visit from Sherbert will be the start of many. After all, Amanda isn’t being punished. The psychiatric hold is for her own protection, as well as Sherbert’s.

Her puppy love may just prove to be the four-legged “carrot” that Amanda Bynes needs to embrace her treatment and for her to continue cooperating with the doctors. We are sure that Amanda will get many more visits from the friend she almost burned. At least in the hospital, Sherbert’s owner won’t have any matches or gasoline. We think that they are both pretty safe in there.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom