Idaho Search for Missing Teen

Idaho Searches for Lost Teen

The search continues in Idaho for missing teenager Hanna Anderson.

Hanna Anderson is 16 years old and is believed to have been abducted by murder suspect James Dimaggio. Dimaggio is suspected of killing Hanna Anderson’s mother and brother.

A Nissan Versa, apparently belonging to Dimaggio, was found on Friday only five miles from Trailhead, Idaho.

The River of No Return Wilderness area is a remote area; in fact it is one of the most remote in the USA. This Idaho wilderness area is the central location where a large scale search is underway for the young girl and Dimaggio.

Officials are honing in on the 320-square-mile expanse of the Frank Church- River of No Return Wilderness area. There are very few roads in this rugged terrain and the dense forest in central Idaho makes for a challenging search.

Despite the defiant and wild surroundings, over 100 officials are scouring the area by foot, horse and helicopter with even more rallying together to join in the search. The current agencies assisting in the search include the Valley County and Ada County Sheriff’s departments US Marshals Service, Homeland Security, FBI, Idaho Army National Guard and the Idaho State Police.

Officials discovered Dimaggio’s Nissan Versa on Friday morning with missing number plates, abandoned and covered in brush, near a trailhead leading into the area. Authorities had initially suspected the car might have held explosive devices, however a bomb squad quickly calmed any fears around a potential bomb.

Two days prior to the authorities finding the car, a horseback rider reported seeing Diamaggio and Hanna Anderson hiking with backpacks. It was only after the rider had arrived home and saw the news, that he realized what his sighting meant.

A report from the San Diego police department reveals that the suspect, 40-year-old Dimaggio, must have kidnapped Hanna following the murder of Hanna Anderson’s mother, Christina Anderson, and her 8-year-old brother, Ethan Anderson, last weekend. The bodies of these two people were found in the burnt aftermath of DiMaggio’s home. The house had been set alight, presumably in an effort to eradicate the evidence of what he had done.  However, this did not deter the San Diego County Sheriff’s Office from confirming that the remains found in the house matched Ethan Anderson’s DNA. Up until now, the remains of Hanna’s mother had not been officially identified.

Diamaggio was supposedly a friend to the Anderson family despite being suspected of ending the lives of Christina Anderson and Ethan Anderson, and kidnapping Hanna. Brett Anderson, Hanna’s father, reveals that as well as knowing each other as a friend, he knows Dimaggio is a proficient outdoorsman. This could point the authorities to an even deeper search into the wilderness area. The Frank Church- River of No Return Wilderness Area was not just named in jest. The area is vast- ranking as the second largest protected wilderness area in the lower 48 states. The area stretches over an excess of 2.3 million acres and includes mountain ranges, canyons, and the central fork of the Salmon River, which is frequented often by those engaging in water sports.  For now, Idaho continues to search for the missing teen.  If you have any information, please report to local authorities.

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