Amanda Bynes Refused Release from Psychiatric Hospital

Amanda Bynes Refused Release from Psychiatric Hospital

Despite Amanda Bynes’ publicist releasing a statement saying that the 27 year-old is “on the right track” she’s been refused release from the psychiatric hospital where she’s been placed on a 5250 hold after her bizarre act of setting fire to a strangers driveway.

Amanda’s publicist, Jonathan Jaxson told ET, “Amanda is doing remarkably well. She is presently nearly back to her former self. Fears are however if she is released, she will discontinue the medication she is on for treatment. Amanda has been very active in group sessions, private sessions and much more over the past few days and she is finally opening up.”

According to Jaxson Amanda’s parents have not abandoned the idea of a conservatorship to help their daughter get through her mental illness issues over the long term.

The publicist finished by saying, “Today Amanda was scheduled to go before a judge to state her case and get released early from the center, but I have been informed that won’t be happening as she is just recently responding to treatment and another week will stay in effect. All while her parents continue to try and gain conservatorship. Being a ‘celebrity’ comes with a heavy price tag. It can be a drug within itself and Amanda now must continue to surround herself around those who truly love and care for her to get the best benefit from all this.”

After Bynes was arrested for setting the driveway fire, she was placed on involuntary psychiatric hold which can last for up to 14 days. Once Bynes went into the psychiatric hospital, it was discovered that she was displaying schizophrenic symptoms.

Since the ex-Nickelodeon star has been responding very well to the “cocktail” of medication that’s been administered to her, she appeared before a judge in the hospital where she’s staying. According to TMZ though, her request for early release from the psychiatric hospital has been refused.

Sources have said that Bynes’ lawyer argued that his client shouldn’t be kept in the facility and that there was no legal basis for her to be there for two more weeks. Once Amanda was in the hospital, for the initial time period of three days, a judge extended her stay for a further two weeks in order for Amanda to be properly diagnosed.

But even though Amanda’s lawyer has claimed that she is now capable of looking after herself and is no longer a danger to others, it seems that her doctors do not agree and neither does the judge. According to sources, Amanda is displaying classic signs of being schizophrenic.

Since the actress refuses to admit that she has a problem or the mental condition, it is feared that if she leaves the hospital too early, she’ll refuse to take her medication and wind up right back where she started before her 5250 hold.

Apparently, the judge felt that her doctors were right and that since Amanda will not admit that she has a mental illness, it would be dangerous for her to leave the hospital before she is ready.

So despite the good news that Amanda Bynes is responding well to her treatment, she’s been refused release from the psychiatric hospital.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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