Amanda Seyfried Boob on Show at Lovelace Premiere

Amanda Seyfried Boob on Show at Lovelace Premiere

In keeping with the theme of the biopic film Lovelace, Amanda Seyfried decided to attend the premiere sans bra giving the cameras, and the watching spectators, a shot of her boob peeking coyly out of the side of her dress.

The 27-year-old actress, played adult film star Linda Lovelace in the film Lovelace. A woman who shot to fame as a result of the first “mainstream” adult film, the 1972 X rated movie Deep Throat. Lovelace became an avid and extremely prominent anti-pornography advocate in her later years and sadly she died in 2002 in a car accident.

Lovelace also revealed later that her abusive husband forced her into pornography and that he often beat her. She also later equated the experience of making the Deep Throat film to being raped.

Amanda Seyfried, who played Linda in the film, revealed at the premiere that doing the nude sex scenes for the biopic didn’t bother her too much. She said, “It’s fine. You don’t think too much about it. It’s a costume really. It’s just a naked body. I mean, in America it’s something, but most other places in the world, it’s just a naked body. We all look the same.”

That may well be true, but Amanda Seyfried’s boob peeking out from the side of her dress at the Lovelace premiere either meant that she’d dressed in a hurry and forgotten her bra or she really means that she’s not fussed by nudity or even partial nudity.

Seyfried admitted that she hadn’t seen the Deep Throat film before she started shooting the Lovelace biopic. Although she did admit to watching it later. Well watching part of it at least. She said, “I saw it halfway through. Less than halfway through I saw 15 minutes of it—so boring to me. Knowing what I know about her and her ordeal while she was filming, it was just not a good feeling.”

Amanda’s taking on the role of Lovelace has been a hot topic around tinsel town and the actress revealed that the challenge of playing a real person was a bit daunting. She said to E! News that, “There was the added challenge of the responsibility of playing someone who really existed and reiterating her story and her feelings on her life. Because people just pigeonholed her and she was defined by one thing.”

The Lovelace star looked stunning with her hair in an “updo” and a short “shift-style” black dress with beads as well as her minimal makeup. She’s earned the right to shine on the red carpet and she might as well enjoy it before the critics come back with their verdicts on her performance in the film.

Her braless look was very fitting since she played the sad ingenue of the film. At least she only had to act at the sex scenes in the film, unlike Lovelace herself who’d been bullied into making the real adult film as well as others.

We’re hoping that Amanda Seyfried’s boob is the only one on show at the Lovelace Premiere and that her performance in the film doesn’t contain the more metaphorical kind and winds up making her look like one.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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