Amanda Seyfried Cupid Strikes

Amanda Seyfried Cupid Strikes

Not only is Amanda Seyfried setting pulses racing in her latest role as the late Linda Lovelace, she is setting one particular guy’s pulse racing as well. It seems that Cupid strikes hard in the case of Justin Long and Amanda Seyfried, hard enough that the two “lovebirds” have set tongues wagging in Hollywood.

When the film Lovelace premiered in New York, the 27 year-old actress had the 35 year-old actor as her constant companion. The two were reportedly as close as two peas in the same pod. Justin never left Amanda’s side throughout the entire event. He even stayed near her while she worked the crowd talking business.

They have been very close since that evening. On Thursday a source saw them having a romantic meal at the Italian restaurant Cecconi’s in West Hollywood. Another diner at the eatery has said that the couple spent the “entire time” talking while imbibing several glasses of white wine. The fellow diner also said they seemed very comfortable in each others company, like they “were on a third or fourth date.”

Publicly, the Lovelace star has said that she’s not currently seeing anyone. She was previously romantically involved with English actor Dominic Cooper but their three year relationship ended in 2010. The breakup was very hard on Seyfried who just recently broke up with Desmond Harrington.

That she is still close to Cooper can be verified by her interview with ELLE in the August edition of the magazine. She said of Cooper that, “He’ll always be in my life regardless of what his girlfriends or future wife think. I’m never going to be with a guy that can’t deal with my friendship with him.”

It apparently is not an issue with Justin Long who has, according to close friends, the same sense of humour as Amanda Seyfried. Which is good since Cupid seems to have struck them both with the same arrow.

Us Weekly spoke to a source close to Justin who said, “Justin is super private about his relationships, I’m not positive how they exactly met, but they’ve known each other for awhile, when they were seeing other people.” The source added that, “They recently started hanging out more, going on date-like activities. They’re both busy, but they’re seeing where it goes.”

Reportedly, the two share more than a sense of humour, it sounds like they share the same low profile approach to relationships. In the meantime, Justin may be enjoying Seyfried’s “newfound” liberation in the sexual front.

The actress revealed that despite having a pretty negative image of sexual relations due to a very early introduction to pornography from an older friend. She claims that “baring herself and her soul to play the late Linda Lovelace, has given her a new outlook on sex in general.

She also has said that the planned censorship by English Prime Minister David Cameron is stupid and non-effectual. Her reasoning is that “consenting” adults will easily bypass his proposed safeguards. She also believes people should be able to watch porn whenever they want, although she has admitted that she does not enjoy watching it.

But on a personal level, Amanda Seyfried has been struck by Cupid’s bow and it looks like Justin Long has been hit by the little love-god as well.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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