Amber Alert for Missing Isaih Perez, Allegedly Kidnapped by Malcolm W. Cromwell


An amber alert has been issued, as police officials desperately search for a 2-year-old boy, named as Isaih Perez, who was allegedly kidnapped from his home, following a double homicide in Johnston, Rhode Island.

Malcolm W. Cromwell remains the primary suspect of the Johnston crime, who, according to the Providence Journal, is described as 5 foot 6, with tattoos etched over both forearms, and brown eyes and hair. He is believed to be of significant risk, and may be “armed.”

The crime scene has been cordoned off around the area of Oaktree Drive, extending to a distance of approximately a half a block.

There are relevant connections between the suspect and victims, but police are unwilling, at this moment in time, to elaborate on the details.

The Johnston Police Department and State Police can be contacted on 231-9100 and 462-6237, respectively, for the general public to report any sightings of Cromwell.

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