Apple to Reveal iPhone 5S During September 10 Event

Speculation remains on model name

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The rumors will finally come to an end on September 10, All Things D reported. Apple is holding an event to finally announce the next iPhone model including specs and the release date. For months there has been on-going whispers about an iPhone 5S, 5C and the iPhone 6. Reports speculated that Apple will introduce a S model prior to launching the highly anticipated iPhone 6. Following Apple’s pattern shows the S model as a mid-range device to soothe the ready to buy nerves of dedicated iPhone consumers. Much like the iPhone 4S which boasts 4G speeds and is still very popular at a lower cost compared to the iPhone 5.

This is a perfect time for Apple to make the announcement. Between all of the bad press and courtroom battles the big fruit company has endured, it needs to spread good news. All Things D reports rumors are flying about the next iPhone model equipped with a fingerprint sensor and the streamlined iOS 7. It seems stockholders, the public and even board members have been forcing Apple to press down on the gas pedal for this release.

While Apple is set to host the September event, it brings with it a cloud of trepidation and anger from many labor groups. The company faced a backlash for forcing manufacturers to rush the product. This resulted in intensive labor for workers in the China based manufacturer Pegatron. Workers per a labor report, endured over 16 hour work days with little to no breaks. The workers performed at neck-breaking speeds to deliver, what the report called the iPhone 5C.

Apple also started a charger trade-in program after the two China based deaths of iPhone consumers who died when charging their phone. In addition to handling the anger from their overseas consumers, Apple faced major delays when the engineering of their fabled iWatch hit a roadblock.  The pending announcement may  be the boost from the public, Apple desperately needs.

Now fans wait in anticipation to determine if the iPhone 6 will be announced, or will it be the rumored iPhone 5C. The C, reports ABC News, may stand for colors as the plastic backings of the iPhone may be coming in various colors, much like the Moto X. Apple has neither confirmed or denied reports of the announcement event, which was shared by company unnamed sources.

BGR reported earlier this year the internal workings of the iPhone 5S will see an overhaul of structure.  The media outlet shared photos from an unnamed source from Apple who discussed a redesigned ear speaker, an enhanced WiFi flex cable ribbon and slimmer SIM tray. The iPhone 5 already uses a nano-SIM compared to its predecessors that use the micro-SIM.

The announcement of the next generation iPhone is one that is needed right now for Apple. It starts dismissing the bad press and builds an anticipated buzz in the tech community. As the date draws closer to the September 10 event, sources are reporting the name may be verified including more information on the streamlined specs. A buzz that works in Apple’s favor to offset the timeline of bad luck this year.

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