Bruce Willis: Expendable in His Expendable 3 Role

Was He Too X-pensivie for the Part?

Bruce Willis: Expendable in His Expendable 3 Role

Can you imagine a supercharged movie packed with action starts like Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jason Statham, Harrison Ford and the hunky, Terry Crews, all on one screen?  Then throw in other high flying, butt kicking, karate-chopping, and sword slinging action stars like Jackie Chan, Wesley Snipes and Milla Jovovich. Now include the sexiness Mel Gibson, the coolness of Micky Rourke, and the smoking hot Antonio Banderas; now what have you got?  Well, if you’re a woman, probably a hot flash, (minus Milla) but you’ve also got a summer- release blockbuster called ‘Expendables 3.’  But for those of those of us who are Bruce Willis lovers, sorry…he won’t be there.  Apparently, Bruce was Expendable to the film, and won’t be revisiting his role as the CIA operative, Mr. Church.

Production on “Expendables 3” is set to begin this month, with a projected release date of August 2014. Willis appeared in the first two “Expendables” films, playing the terse, wise-cracking, bald-headed, shoot-em-up, CIA agent, Mr. Church. But now that Willis is out…Harrison Ford is in.  And though quietly kept, I’m anxious to see the trailer air, with Harrison Ford.

I’ll be the first to say, that as an actor, I really enjoy Bruce Willis. I have been a fan since his maiden episode of Moonlighting which aired on ABC from March 3, 1985 to May 14, 1989.  And just like you, I watched all 66 episodes of the dramedy (a mixture of comedy and drama) which co-starred the beautiful but dry-humored Cybill Shepherd.

In my opinion, it was Moonlighting that attributed to making Bruce Willis a star.  But now it appears as if the star wants to shine too brightly for the rest of cast.

Sylvester Stallone was quoted by Entertainment Weekly as saying, that Bruce Willis was out of the upcoming The Expendables 3 for being “greedy and lazy.” Later Stallone tweeted “WILLIS OUT . . . HARRISON FORD IN!!!! GREAT NEWS!!!!! Been waiting years for this!!!!,” His second tweet read, “GREEDY AND LAZY . . . A SURE FORMULA FOR CAREER FAILURE.”

Sources say that Mr. Willis was offered $3 million for four days of work, where scenes would be shot in Bulgaria, but according to insiders, Willis said “he would drop out of the movie if he didn’t get $4 million.”

In short, Stallone’s sentiments were bye…bye…Bruce.  Stallone then quickly contacted Harrison (Indiana Jones) Ford, who’s no stranger to action films, and offered him a part in the film. Ford accepted the invitation, and Willis was replaced in 72 hours.

To coin a line from the movie ‘Chicago,’  “I you could say that  Willis is out of the movie because of artistic differences…He saw himself worth $4 million…Stallone didn’t.”

Willis most recently appeared in Red 2, which didn’t do as well at the box office as his two previous movies, A Good Day to Die Hard (grossing $305 million) and G.I. Joe: Retaliation (grossing $372 million.)

Even if we don’t see Bruce Willis in Expendables 3, he’s still very much ‘Spendable’ at the box office.

See you in the next film, Bruce.


Written By DeBorah Heggs-Alston

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