Baltic Amber Assists in Parenting

Baltic Amber Assists in Parenting
Stones and crystals have been used throughout time for all kinds of healing and life-enhancing properties. In recent times, this practice has been revived as stones are being found to have different capabilities for boosting health and soothing the system. Baltic Amber, a fossilized resin from the Baltic sea, has been noted for its ability to calm infants, relieve pain and assist parenting in so many ways.

How does it work?

Crystals and stones are concentrated color vibration.  Based on the different mineral and elemental composition, which contributes to the specific color of the stone, along with the region, climate and altitude at which the crystal grew all contribute to the ‘healing properties’ inherent in the crystal.  Some stones are harder than others, making certain stones such as malachite and turquoise (both softer) great for powdering and topical application – either as medicine or make-up – as in Egyptian times.  Ancient Ayurvedic medicine utilized different stones and crystals in alchemical formulas to heal different ailments and enhance beneficial feelings and thoughts in an individual as well as encouraging spiritual development.

Colors have been recognized as holding certain vibrations.  In color therapy, these vibrations are said to correlate with different organs and body systems as well as with various emotions and thoughts.  In yoga, the energy system of the body, governed by a series of chakras – or energy vortexes – along the spine, all have a specific color assigned to them based on what they supposedly do.

Colors and Meaning

Red is the lowest vibrational color on the color spectrum, possessing the shortest wavelength.  In the body, red correlates to the lowest, or base of the spine, energy center.  It is said to relate to the kidneys and bladder as well as the emotions of anger, strength, survival, spontaneity, courage and passion.  The adrenal glands are associated with red as well as are the hips and legs of the body.  If red is applied to the body, as in color therapy, it can stimulate any of the above emotions as well as spurring action, enhancing leadership skills and empowerment as well as assisting to raise low blood pressure.  Red is often used in restaurants to stimulate the appetite and is not necessarily a good color for the bedroom, as it is the opposite of calming to the system and may invoke arguments in couples. Red stones such as ruby, red jasper and red diamonds can help to enhance the body systems and qualities mentioned here.

Orange is next on the color scale and is related to the second chakra, situated around the reproductive organs just above the first chakra.  It governs reproductive organs, lower bowel and the endocrine glands of the reproductive organs – the ovaries and testes.  Emotions said to correlate with orange are creativity, sexuality, confidence, sociability, joy, enthusiasm and courage – found in the red realm – also falls into this color category.  Orange stones such as carnelian, orange calcite, orange kyanite, orange varieties of amber, sunstone and fire agate are all great stones to support the reproductive system and health in the pelvis – along with related emotional issues.

Yellow and Amber

Yellow is where we are leading to with Baltic amber and its benefits in parenting.  Yellow correlates with the belly and the solar plexus and all the organs of digestion.  There are various shades of amber ranging from nearly clear, through yellows, oranges and reds, to dark brown and almost black.  Depending on the effects you want to encourage, different amber pieces can be chosen.  The most popular and common variety is yellow and golden yellow and has been shown helpful in calming and centering fussy babies and exhausted, anxious parents alike.

 In ancient Rome Baltic amber was used as medicine and as a protection against different diseases. Calistratus famous physician of those times, wrote that amber protects from madness, powder of amber mixed with honey cures throat, ear and eye diseases and taken with water cures stomach illnesses. Pliny the Younger noted that Roman peasant women wore amber medallions not only as adornments, but also as a remedy for “swollen glands and sore throat and palate.” Persian scientist Ibn Sina (Avicenna) called amber remedy for many diseases. There was a belief in eastern countries that amber smoke strengthens human spirit and gives courage. In Asian countries “amber syrup”, a mixture of succinic acid and opium, was used as a tranquilizer and antispasmodic.

In more recent times yellow amber has been used to calm the nervous system as well as balancing right and left hemispheres of the brain – which in and of itself is calming and centering.  The energy of amber allows one to feel more patient and creative and to tune into inner wisdom – important for mothers and children alike.  Amber has been found to soothe teething pains and other bodily discomforts by bringing a resonance with peace and inner calm.

Being a fossilized resin dating back to millions of years, amber, as the stone has some very special properties which help one to tune into the ancient wisdom of earth and ‘all things.’  There is a certain stillness that exists with one who wears amber, an inner silence akin to life being frozen in time – much like the bugs found in many amber pieces.

Yellow also contributes to a healthy development of the ego with the knowledge of pure wisdom.  The color yellow strengthens the pancreas and thereby blood sugar balance as well as the liver and gall bladder. Yellow amber helps both parents and children to find humor and joy in their interaction and to proceed forward with a lightness of attitude and purity of heart.

Crystal Therapy on the rise

More information on other stones and colors can be found in future articles, look for them.  Crystal therapy is becoming more and more popular as people are finding the use of stones to be both highly effective and inexpensive.  As a non-invasive approach to both physical and emotional issues alike (not to mention mental and spiritual), crystal therapy may well be the health care of the future.

If you have a fussy baby, non compliant children or patience issues with your kids, Baltic amber might be just what the doctor order to assist in healthy parenting and peace of mind.  Visit your local crystal store to find quality amber or visit an on-line market.  Be aware that imitations are out there, as some folks try and pass colored glass off for amber.  If you don’t know the difference, ask someone who does.  Here’s to happier, more peaceful parenting.

Written by: Stasia Bliss

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