Beyonce’s New Look

 Beyonce's New Look

Strong, vibrant, stunningly beautiful and powerful…all of these things can be said for the talented Beyonce. This big time star has made news with simply the way she wears her hair. Last week she had the media up in raves, both good and bad, with a short blond pixie cut. This but now her hair has done it again and made news once more when she went and got extensions’ put in to give her an A frame bob.  This radiant woman has worn her hair a lot of ways in the past but always received better feedback with her hair longer.

Surprisingly her hair has caused more buzz than her work. This really should come as no surprise to anyone that she would change up her look so quickly. In her vast career Beyonce has shown us that she is fearless when it comes to fashioning her gorgeous hair. Once she had covered her head in small braids and then twisted them up in a tornado like bundle on the top of her head.

She will wear her hair loose and natural looking with curl that looks left to do as it pleases and bubbling with volume and body. She’s worn it slightly past her shoulders but with big bouncy curls that nearly have a poodle appearance.  She has had it straight with bangs that brush her cheekbones. She has worn it dark and light, long and short, styled and natural; she has even sported a pom-pom look that doesn’t quite classify as an afro, up and down, curly and straight.

So why are short extensions’ getting such attention from the general public? Each look she has worn has said a statement of one kind or another, perhaps she agreed with the majority of the public who wanted her hair back.  It could be that getting the extensions’ was a happy medium; she could have a shorter cute style while maintaining a little length to play with.

“Changing hair is like switching up lips stick or eye shadow,” said a friend of the star, “she enjoys doing and is always amused by how much press it always gets.” The friend also added, “She likes the opportunities to reinvent herself and really let those creative juices flow.” Beyonce’s birthday is right around the corner and the public, according to the source, she prepared to be shocked again.

The only question is…what look will she be sporting next?

Written by: KyAuna Alonzo


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