Nelson Mandela, the Heifer and the Mystery of the Number 11

Nelson Mandela the Heifer and Connecting Number 11 Remains a Mystery

South Africa – Kwazulu-Natal Midlands have some successful dairy farms among other notable agriculture farms, and some rather strange happenings have been occurring over the past few months. A farmer who lives in that area has asked a question regarding specific events happening in that part of the land. In particular, she wants to see if there is a link to the 11th of each month, Nelson Mandela and the Heifers.

On June 11, it was reported – but still remains subject to an official announcement – that Nelson Mandela was declared brain-dead. Although the Las Vegas Guardian Express has obtained evidence to corroborate this, the statement remains controversial. The farmer who brought up the mystery of the number 11 was strangely not the first one to do so.

On July 11, during the middle of the night, a funeral at Giants Castle took place at an undisclosed location, and the locals are convinced that it was Nelson Mandela who was buried there. Mandela, after his release from Robben Island, visited the grave site of Langalibalele and laid a wreath in memory of this powerful tribal leader. Many locals have claimed that during the 1960’s Mandela wanted to be rested at Giants Castle for eternity.

On August 11, the farmer became a victim of attacks by unidentified people; her heifers were killed by poison and suffocation, and she was not allowed to disclose the slaughter of her cows to the authorities. However, it has now emerged that heifers are poached in preparation for the ritual of a more serious farm attack, and this remains a mystery to most. That area is now linking the heifer killings with more serious onslaughts. heifer

While trying to understand the reasons why a heifer is killed, we can refer to biblical times when the young heifer – a young cow before she has her first calf – was slaughtered for a sacrificial and purification ceremony. Is this a bizarre way for the maniacs who always want to annoy and harass the farmers in the midlands of Kwazulu-Natal to intimidate?

It was recorded later on during that day August 11, a farmer; Timothy Green of Newcastle had been robbed and murdered. Three suspects took his vehicle and weapon, but the police were diligent with their search and made arrests soon after the tragic incident.

For the past three months, strange occurrences have been mentioned explicitly in this region. An area displaying significant historical facts, and a particularly captivating area linked to Nelson Mandela, before his imminent arrest and banishment to Robben Island for a twenty-seven year prison term. In 2010, Mandela visited this area to pay homage to another great man and, in December 2012, a helicopter crash killed the entire Mandela medical team just before he was admitted to hospital on December 8. On the 11th of that month, he was transferred to another hospital. These events still remains a mystery to most.
giants castle drakensberg
A game ranger has spoken up about the rhino poaching and the highlighted security around this area and local people seem to be actively aware of a special occurrence.

The local people of that area are now speculating on what is going to happen on September 11. They want to know if the number 11 is significantly linked to the icon, Nelson Mandela.

Written by Laura Oneale

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  1. jovton   August 24, 2013 at 2:43 pm

    Are you being serious? If this is true, and there indeed is something attached to the 11th, then it may confirm that “communists” may actually have been behind 9/11, as well as what happened and is currently happening in South Africa… Could it be the same people controlling the puppet criminals perpetrating these crimes (against humanity)?


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