Bond Parachutist from London 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony Killed

Mark Sutton, Bond parachutist killed
Mark Sutton (center) with friend Gary Connery (right)

Mark Sutton, the British stuntman who doubled for Daniel Craig as James Bond, whilst parachuting down into the London 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony has been killed.

The former army officer, who once dressed as James Bond and leapt from a helicopter into the Olympic Stadium, died tragically in a wingsuit flying accident in Switzerland on Wednesday.

Reports have been coming in that Sutton had leapt out of a helicopter, from a height of almost 11,000 feet, aiming to set down in a village that borders Switzerland with France.

Tragically, Sutton did not make it.  Instead he smashed into a large crest of rocks, close to Martigny, dying instantly.

Wingsuit flying is a dangerous sport that involves the wearing of a specially constructed birdman suit with bat or web-like connective material, which enables a human to leap from a great height and fly through the air at top speed, until the time comes to open one’s parachute.

A formal investigation has begun into his death, which occurred during the filming of a three-day wingsuit-flying event.

Sutton’s friend and colleague, Gary Connery, who also leapt down into the London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony as The Queen, put out a message on Twitter to warn others to stay safe.  He wrote, “All you jumpers/flyers out there, stay safe, make wise choices and know your limits and your locations.  Live to tell your stories.  One love.”

By Brucella Newman



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