Brad Pitt and Bono Targeted for Scientology Says Jenna Miscavige Niece of Leader

Brad Pitt and Bono Targeted for Scientology Says Niece of Leader
Bono and Pitt targeted by Scientology

A-list actor Brad Pitt and U2’s lead singer Bono were targeted for recruitment with the Church of Scientology, says 29-year old Jenna Miscavige Hill, niece of the Church’s leader, David Miscavige.

Jenna had spent 21 years with the Church and had risen through its ranks to reach the elite “super secret Sea Org” level, according to RadarOnline.  But she eventually quit the organization with her husband, Dallas Hill in 2005, giving her the opportunity to finally lay bare some behind-the-scene activity at the Church of Scientology in her revealing book, “Beyond Belief: My Secret Life Inside Scientology and My Harrowing Escape.”

Brad Pitt and Bono Targeted for Scientology Says Niece of Leader
Jenna Miscavige Hill (L) and Scientology Leader David Miscavige, her uncle (R)

Hill reveals how earlier in the 1990s, star of World War Z and the Oceans trilogy, Brad Pitt, had been dating actress Juliette Lewis, who was then, and still is, a member of the Church.  Pitt, who was understood at the time to be going through his own personal battle with drugs and depression, underwent a study plan and was put through the Church’s Purification Rundown Program.

What is the Purification Rundown Program?

According to, the Church’s official website, the Purification Rundown is a preliminary stage, designed to “enable an individual to rid himself of the harmful effects of drugs, toxins and other chemicals that lodge in the body and create a biochemical barrier to spiritual wellbeing.”  The process, devised by the Church’s founder, L. Ron Hubbard, claims to involve a strict regime of exercise, sauna and nutrition.

Jenna also disclosed how the U2 rock star, Bono, had also been audited by the Church.  Now why Bono, an extremely successful music artist, philanthropist and entrepreneur would have needed to be audited is anybody’s guess and one echoed by Jenna herself.  Of Bono’s auditing, she claimed, “I heard he was receiving Scientology auditing and was at one of the Celebrity Center Galas.  Why would he need auditing?  Scientology markets itself to everyone, it can deal with everything from marital problems to public speaking.  He’s a human, so he still needs those things.”

Auditing is a process claimed by the Church to be “a precise route by which individuals may travel to higher states of spiritual awareness.”  A person in auditing is known as a ‘preclear’, suggesting that he or she are not yet clear.

With the risk of sounding a little like a post-apocalyptic sci-fi movie, where an entire generation’s existence is at threat unless some sort of purification method is administered to the surviving populace, this might indeed suggest that the person being audited requires being stripped and broken down psychologically of all his or her free will and thought in order to be open and receptive to whatever the Church desires to instil into the mind of the “preclear.”

Celebrity Strategy

In an exclusive interview she gave to RadarOnline, Hill spoke of a “celebrity strategy” adopted by the Church “for their influence, not their money.”  She explained:

“I think that the celebrities are more inclined to be ego-centric and Scientology caters for that – you’re your own God.  They’re probably being told that all the time.”

But Elvis and Priscilla Presley’s daughter, Lisa Marie had argued to the contrary, regarding her time spent with the Church of Scientology.  She claimed, “I got bad advice.  I was insulated with no grip on reality.  They were taking my soul, my money and everything.”

Brad Pitt and Bono Targeted for Scientology Says Niece of Leader
Kelly Preston, husband John Travolta and Priscilla Presley

Jenna has already given us a clue as to how the Church plays on a celebrity, who is already struggling with his or her own insecurities, by pushing the right buttons.  She claims that Pitt was “high on the church president’s list of stars they felt could be ‘recovered’.”  Of the Church’s celebrity targeting techniques, she said of its target:

“They’re probably insecure, so the self-help of Scientology lends itself to that.  And Scientology is meant to save people and the world, so the charitable thing appeals to a celebrity. If you’re egocentric, not always confident or insecure because of being in the public eye and want to be charitable…  Scientology pushes your buttons.”

This methodology further explains why she suggests that Bono would “fit the bill perfectly as so many people know him.”  She also spoke of how Scientology would target celebrities like Brad Pitt and Bono, because they would make the Church more visible.

Jenna also admitted that she had a deep crush on Pitt at the same time that her mother, who happened to be working on renovations at the Los Angeles Celebrity Center, first saw him.  She said, “I guess he was doing it because of his girlfriend, Juliette Lewis.  I know Juliette was into drugs and says Scientology saved her from them.”

But it seems that Scientology was not the way for Pitt and neither, eventually, was Lewis, according to Jenna.  “In the end, Brad didn’t think it was for him and he and Juliette broke up.

Brad Pitt and Bono Targeted for Scientology Says Niece of Leader
Tom Cruise, higher echelon of the Church

Other celebrity followers of the Church include John Travolta, his wife, Kelly Preston and Tom Cruise.  Travolta and Cruise are alleged to exist in the Church’s higher echelon and have been often quoted in its support thereof.  Add to that list Kirstie Alley, Anne Archer, Nancy Cartwright, the voice of Bart Simpson, Jenna Elfman and Peaches Geldof, of whom, I suspect might have been targeted in order for the Church to reach her father, Bob Geldof, who famously partnered up with Bono to raise money for their hugely successful Band Aid project, aimed to tackle world poverty in the 1980s.

Brad Pitt and Bono Targeted for Scientology Says Niece of Leader
Anne Archer gives a speech at new church opening in Nashville
Brad Pitt and Bono Targeted for Scientology Says Niece of Leader
Kirstie Alley, John Travolta and wife Kelly Preston
Brad Pitt and Bono Targeted for Scientology Says Niece of Leader
Actress Jenna Elfman at Nashville opening

With such a plethora of stars involved with the Church of Scientology, the intention is to reach anybody who might happen to be obsessed with the celebrities and in doing so, target them.

The Church of Scientology claims to be the “world’s fastest-growing religion,” according to its website, with new churches and Celebrity Centers rapidly opening up and spreading not only up and down the country, but across the globe.

A representative from the Church, when questioned on Jenna’s statements, had pronounced her memory as “varied and ever-shifting”, adding that, “At no time was Mrs. Hill ever privy to any ‘priorities’ or ‘strategies’.”  The spokesperson went on:

“As a result, she is in no position to comment and any claims to the contrary must be viewed with skepticism.  Our priorities are and always have been the establishment and expansion of the Scientology religion.  In furtherance of this is the establishment of 37 new Scientology churches in major metropolitan areas and cultural centers around the world in just the past few years.”

The representative ended by discarding any credibility to Jenna’s claims that the Church seeks to target celebrities for their “fame and fortune.”

Brad Pitt and Bono Targeted for Scientology Says Niece of Leader
The tell-all book by Jenna Miscavige Hill

Written by: Brucella Newman

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