South Africa Children’s Internet Pornography Ring Exposed

Children's Internet Pornography Ring Exposed

We can only imagine the horror of the victims from the recent internet pornography exposure. When pornography is exposed and especially if children are involved, it brings to mind the under current criminals, gangsters and mob related people who would indulge in this type of horror.

More shocking to the human mind is the realization of well-educated people, lawyers, teachers and high profile members of society being involved in such disgusting behavior.

The recent arrest of six men allegedly linked to an international pornography ring in South Africa shocked the world. People who should of being the children’s protectors, trusted adults within our community exposed for the worst criminal act. This breakthrough in a crime that is terrible has links in Canada, the United States, Europe, Australia and the United Kingdom. A large pornography ring that remains a constant threat to our children is the beginning of a complicated task for the law enforcement officers to stop this evil.

Several laptops, tablets, hard drives, memory sticks, books and DVDs, have been confiscated, and this will surely rattle the perpetrators as international investigators continue to shut down this horrid operation.

Parents have been alerted to be more vigilant and protect the young children from internet and physical abuse. Yet parents trust the school system to protect their children and how will this recent discovery affect the trust placed on a system that reeks of abuse.

How do you protect children from the devastating horror of pedophiles who would be directly linked to this situation?

The members of public and government have commended the police on the recent arrests, and they are encouraged to continue fighting this awful crime. The courts are trusted to hand down harsh sentences to the guilty perpetrators of child pornography.

This is a horror with damaging effects on the children involved and will no doubt follow them throughout their lifetime. A horror the whole world should try to expose and provide all the children a fair secure future.

Recently a student was harassed by the principal of the school she attended, he showed her porn clips from his cell phone. He repeatedly called her to his office and touched her breast. He threatened to fail her if she uttered words of the incident to anybody. The student told her parents about the happening, and they approached the school, determined to stop this nauseating behavior. It is now a case of he said, she said, and as there is none or little evidence of abuse and harassment, it will become another statistic. The child will no doubt have a scar embedded into her mind of how distasteful people are, for the rest of her life.

With the entire system vulnerable and the demonic cravings of mature educated people to exploit the young and the innocent children of our world, we wonder if there is certainly a trustworthy principled justice system that will intervene and protect our children from the inhuman acts of pornography.

Written by Laura Oneale


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