Breaking News – Chaos in Cairo

Chaos in Cairo

AFP reports that Egyptian security cleared pro-Morsi protestors from a Cairo mosque on Saturday.

Hundreds of Islamics barricaded themselves inside the Fateh Mosque in Central Ramses Square following Friday’s Day of Rage.

Security stormed the mosque after firing tear inside at the protestors. Those protestors remaining were dragged from the building by police.

Local journalist Shaimma Awad told the AP that security forces rounded up protestors inside the mosque and heavy gunfire could be heard  in the background.

The City is in a state of chaos. The protesters barricaded themselves inside the mosque overnight out of fears of being beaten by vigilante mobs or being arrested by authorities.

Egyptian banks have been closed since Wednesday due to the political violence.

To date, 596 people have been hurt in the Cairo clashes.

The Health Ministry announced it would no longer be publicizing official data on the number of casualties, according to an Israel Radio report, but the reason is not yet clear why.

Written by Lisa Graziano


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