Breaking News – Florida Shooting – Thee Dead and Two Wounded

Breaking News - Florida Shooting - Thee Dead and Two Wounded


Three persons are dead and two wounded in a shooting rampage that took place in a small Florida town.

In a succession of events, longtime employee of Pritchett Trucking Company, Hubert Allen Jr., 72, shot and killed co-worker, Roloando Gonzalez-Delgado, 28, company owner Marvin Pritchett, 80, and wounded co-workers David Griffis, 44, along with Lewis Mabrey Jr., 66. After the senseless rampage, Allen then killed himself.

In a statement provided by the Union County Sheriff’s office, on Saturday Allen came to work and shot Gonzalez-Delgado.

Pritchett who was standing a distance from the shooting was then shot and killed.

Minutes later, Allen exchanged words with Mabry, who was driving the farm tractor on a country road. Allen then shot and wounded Mabrey. Mabrey was taken in for surgery with a broken arm along with other injuries. He is considered stable and in good condition.

After the shooting, Allen then returned to the company headquarters and shot a third co-worker, Griffis, in the stomach. Griffis was taken into surgery and is listed in critical condition.

After the shootings, Allen returned to his Lake Butler home where he then shot and killed himself. Authorities are trying to determine a motive, but believe Allen acted alone.

The shooter was to have retired two weeks prior to the killings. Others claim that Allen had been fired.

Union County Sherriff Jerry Whitehead, who is a nephew to deceased Pritchitt,  states Allen showed no signs of violence. Something in him must have snapped to cause such a violent act.

Pritchitt started the trucking company in 1980 that has 400 employees and owns hundreds of vehicles.

In a statement, the company expressed its pain and sorrow to the families who lost loved ones in this tragic event.


Written by Lisa Graziano

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