Breaking Up is Hard to Do for Kristen Stewart

Breaking Up is Hard to Do for Kristen Stewart

After having been in a relationship split for months as a result of her cheating ways with Rupert Sanders, the director of the film Snow White and The Huntsman, reality has set in for actress Kristen Stewart, age 23. Robert Pattinson has taken the high road and has moved out of their Los Feliz neighborhood leaving Kristen miserable and brokenhearted

Pattinson, the 27-year-old actor who has recently been seen back in the dating scene with several sizzling actresses on his arm, has taken new residence in a 3.5 million dollar Beverly Hills mansion nine miles away from Kristen, his heart-crushed Twilight co-star and ex-girlfriend. Their relationship exploded during the filming of the box office Hollywood sensation Twilight. Who can forget the film’s smoldering meadow scene between Edward and Bella? Pitter patter my heart!

Pattinson’s Beverly Hills five-bedroom, six-bath, gated mansion is now home to him and their two dogs, Bear and Bernie, who the couple adopted while living with each other in happier times during their purported four-year courtship.

Pattinson’s move puts the reality of their relationship-split into perspective for Kristen, who did not believe it at the time when Pattinson told her he was moving out of the neighborhood. Although they were no longer living together, the fact that Pattinson was close made Kristen feel more comfortable. Los Feliz is a small neighborhood and the chances that Kristen could accidentally run into him made the Twilight actress more secure in thinking reconciliation was possible.

Sources say the move is a smack in the face to Stewart. She feels as if Robert’s moving out of the neighborhood is his way of avoiding contact with her. Really? The break up of their relationship has been hard. Especially since Kristen and the public photos taken of her kissing a married man while dating Pattinson were the cause of the breakup.

After Kristen’s very public cheating scandal imploded all over the internet, Pattinson has since taken time to heal and has forgiven Kristen as well as himself for the mistakes that were made. He has stated to the press that he feels that he is responsible for the demise in their relationship, but no details were given for his reasoning. Sources say that she was the love of R-Patz life. He will always love her for her ability to be who she is without worrying about what others think, no matter what the circumstance.

But, now the Twilight star needs to gain distance from Kristen and move on with his life. There are too many memories for the actor in Los Feliz, and he is ready for a fresh, new start.

As for our darling Kirsten? Photographs taken of her leaving a Wells Fargo bank on August 16, suggests she is still emotionally broken. Stewart was spotted leaving the bank looking sad and disheveled; her attire appeared ratty as she dawned holes in her jeans and a baggy tee-shirt with one ear-temple piece to her sunglasses missing.

Although Pattinson was spotted August 5, sitting in his vehicle outside Stewart’s home, it seems no reconciliation is possible in the foreseeable future. The hunk of a Twilight star is moving on with his life and a new chance at love.

Written by Lisa Graziano

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