C-Section Performed on a Shark for the First Time in History

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A team of veterinarians at SeaWorld Orlando, accompanied by shark experts successfully conducted the first ever C-section surgery on a whitetip reef shark on July 18, 2013.

Turns out, the C-section was necessary as the shark exhibited certain complications following six months into her pregnancy. Thanks to the experts, the shark managed to give birth to four healthy pups, around three pounds each and two feet long.

Currently, the shark and the newborn pups are doing well; eating and behaving normally. They are however, under careful observation and visitors will not be allowed to have a look at them for now.

Sharks are one of the few animals that have managed to adapt themselves and give birth to live young ones. In fact, around 70 percent of sharks are now able to give birth to live babies, much similar to mammals, instead of being oviparous.

Written by: Enozia Vakil

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