What Your Sleeping Position Says About Your Relationship

What Your Sleeping Position Says About Your Relationship

Whether you occupy half of the bed with legs and arms stretched or curled up like a baby, scientist say, your sleeping position reveals much about you and your relationship.

Dr Mark Kohler from the University of South Australia’s Center for Sleep Research said:

“Just like our waking posture and position can influence our emotions – for example, if you are leaning forward and clenching your fists, you are most likely to feel angry – our sleeping position is thought to influence our emotions or represent our personality.”

According to a new sleep study, half of the British couples choose to turn their back on their partner when the lights go out.

“Some observational studies show that sleep positions indicate a silent body language. But it’s more intuitive and since we don’t often discuss our sleep positions with other people, little can be said with certainty,” says Nick Petrovic, a psychologist with Sydney’s Mind Profile Psychology Clinic.

According to a relationship psychologist Corrine Sweet, your sleeping habits can reveal strains and stresses in the relationship. During sleep is the time you are vulnerable, and you cannot fake the body language.

Corinne added that since couples fall into habitual ways of sleeping together, if something changes in the way they sleep, this can reflect change in relationship and cause concern for the other partner.

I did a little investigation to find out what your sleeping position tells about your relationships.

The Honeymoon Hug

While this is a romantic position, it shows that you are new to the relationship. It is unrealistic because it restricts blood flow to the arms. Honeymoon huggers cannot get enough of each other. They want to face each other even in sleep. If your partner hasn’t been facing you, and they start facing you as you go to sleep, it indicates the need to be intimate and connect.

The Royal Hug

In this position, the man is lying on his back face up while the woman’s head is cradled in his chest.  This position indicates self-assurance and confidence. If the man’s arms are wrapped around the woman, he is showing protectiveness, but if his hands are on top of his head, he shows confidence.

If the woman is in a fetal position facing her husband, she allows him to be in command, but if she rests her head on his chest and stretches out her body, she shows that she depends on him but wants to make her own decisions. If she sleeps on her back with her husband, she’s showing strength and power.

Spooning and cuddling

Both partners lie on the same side facing the same direction curled up with each other in a fetal position, like a set of spoons. If the spooning seems balanced and comfortable with no tension, both are strong and feel secured in the relationship.

This position has been shown to reduce stress and increase intimacy of both partners. The person doing the wrapping is more confident, stronger and most giving in the relationship. When men do the wrapping, they want to show off their protective nature and be in control of the relationship. Women doing the spooning show their nurturing nature and want to be taken care of.

Bottom huggers – V Hug

V huggers sleep on their sides with only their bottoms touching is showing they give each other a space in their relationship without the fear of losing the other. This position suggests you are very intimate and while you want to be sexually connected, you show your desire to be independent.

Cliff Hanger – Facing-away-from-each-other sleepers

This position is pretty common as almost half of the people turn away from their partners when they sleep, so no worries because you’re perfectly normal. Cliff hangers sleep facing away from each other with no physical contact. If your partner’s position changes to the cliff hanger, it indicates a desire to separate or be independent.

Distant sleepers

Sleeping apart does not mean you lack intimacy in the relationship or the relationship has come to an end, but it is only displaying the need to be separate. However, the time spent side-by-side in an intimate space is important as men will open up when you are lying side-by-side

Research indicates that the longevity of marriage is enhanced when couples sleep and wake up at the same time. It shows that they are content in their relationship. Every relationship has ups and downs and learning to read body language and sleeping position can tell you about your intimate feelings in your relationship.

Written by: Janet Grace Ortigas

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