Cab Severs British Tourist’s Leg in Manhattan – Dr. Mehmet Oz Offers Help

According to NBC News, a taxicab has collided with a British tourist, after attempting to avoid a cyclist. The incident, which took place in midtown Manhattan, severed the woman’s leg, prompting Dr. Mehmet Oz to jump to her aid.

The people of Manhattan aptly provided the woman with medical intervention. One onlooker created a make-shift tourniquet from his belt, whilst the proprietor of a food stall used an ice cooler to preserve the severed limb of the 23-year-old.

Police officials confirm the incident to have taken place when a cab quickly maneuvered to avoid a cyclist on Sixth Avenue, resulting in a collision with a tourist, making a crossing at 49th Street.

The woman also sustained damage to her other leg, and currently remains in critical condition. According to the Daily News, she was transported to Bellevue Hospital, where doctors are attempting to reattached her severed limb.

Mehmet Oz, a cardiothoracic surgeon who hosts his daily television program, The Dr. Oz Show, arrived shortly after a gentleman began applying a tourniquet and offered his assistance. He remarked on the quick-thinking of witnesses, stating “they saved her life.”

The cyclist is also believed to have been injured during the incident, whilst the cab driver’s vehicle came to an abrupt stop, after plowing into the wall of a nearby fountain.

By: James Fenner

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