Car Bomb Massacres Devastate Iraq

Terrorism Plagues the Streets of Iraq Once More

Car Bomb Massacres Devastate Iraq

According to the well-respected news outlet, Reuters, Iraq has been besieged by a day of terror and untold carnage, as successive car bomb explosions have resulted in devastating massacres.

50 people were killed in the country’s capital, Baghdad, with 140 other individuals sustaining injury, according to officials. These deaths were the result of nine car bomb attacks, primarily focusing on sprawling, highly populated market places and streets of Shi’ite-dominant regions.

An insurgent had set off an explosive device, within a vehicle, on the outer reaches of Baghdad. Approximately 10 lives were extinguished, and dozens more innocents were harmed, following the bomb’s detonation on the streets of Tuz Khurmato, north of Baghdad.

The extremist’s intention, according to police authorities, was to destabilize the nerve center of a Kurdish political party; however, reports indicate that the bomber’s failing was likely due to elevated security protocols, within the region.

This news arrives just shortly after the president of Iraqi Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani, vowed to defend his people in war-torn Syria, where Al Qaeda remain a significant threat to the Kurdish population.

It is expected that more attacks are due to come, as the death-toll continues to soar; local Sunni militants’ recent attacks, on the Shia-based government of Iraq, have been spurred on by the movement of their Syrian neighbors. Sadly, this devastating trend of attacks looks set to continue.

By: James Fenner

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