Chris Brown Goes Off on Twitter Again

Chris Brown and Neck Tattoo

Singer Chris Brown took to Twitter last night to blast the LA County District Attorney about his latest sentence of 1,000 hours of community service.  Brown called the LA District Attorney a racist and suggested that the LA city government should be more concerned with other issues, such as helping the many homeless families on Skid Row.

Brown could have faced jail time if a LA judge revoked his probation in light of hit and run charges filed against him in May.  Brown allegedly rear ended a Mercedes in downtown LA and became angry and refused to exchange information with the other driver.  He is also accused of fleeing the scene.  Felony hit and run charges were dropped last week as an agreement was reached between Brown’s attorney and a LA Judge.  Under the terms of that deal Brown has to complete more community service.

In 2009, Brown was originally sentenced to five years of probation and 1,440 hours of community service for his assault on then girlfriend Rihanna.  Brown and his lawyer claimed that the singer completed his community service in Virginia, but LA Deputy District Attorney, Mary A. Murray accused Brown of filing false reports.

Brown claims that he completed community service in his home state of Virginia by cleaning police horse stables, washing police cars, and performing custodial services for a daycare center.  Murray claims that one of the times that Brown claimed he was performing community service conflicts with reports that he was on a flight to Cancun, Mexico.

During Thursday’s Twitter rant, Brown also mentioned superstar Beyonce.  He tweeted a clip from one of her shows on her Mrs. Carter World Tour and then mentioned that the performance looked similar to his own and added that they should do a collaboration together.  Brown also insinuated that Beyonce’s husband, Jay-z, shouldn’t try to prevent a collaboration between the two or he might face gang violence from a group called Piru, which could be a reference to a Los Angeles Street Gang.  It has long been rumored that Chris Brown is affiliated with the Blood street gang.

Chris Brown, who is scheduled to return to court on November 20th, has a year to complete his community service hours.  As a stipulation of the agreement Brown has to complete his community service in LA.  He has also been assigned a probation officer.   Recently, Chris Brown suffered from a non epileptic seizure while he was working in a recording studio.  Brown released a statement through his publicist blaming his seizure on fatigue and emotional distress that he suffers because of his legal problems and what he believes is negativity from the mainstream media.

During a previous Twitter rant, Chris Brown also claimed that his sixth studio album, “X” will be his last.  He tweeted that he was tired of being famous for his assault on Rihanna rather than his talent as a musician and a performer.


By Karen Walcott

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