Conscious Attention to ‘Mundane’ Signs Can Deepen Life’s Meaning

Conscious Attention to 'Mundane' Signs Can Deepen Life's Meaning

Have you ever noticed when the same ‘out of the ordinary’ information is repeated to you by different people several times over the course of a day or two? Or when the clocks keep lining up with triple digits time and again, almost as if no other number combinations exist?  How about that book showing up at just the right time giving you a much needed answer to a question you have struggled with, or the perfect song coming on the radio at just the right moment?  These events are commonly referred to as life’s synchronicities, though some believe there is another layer to all of this.  What if we began to pay conscious attention to what might be referred to as ‘mundane’ events, such as phone calls and people’s names, as signs which can deepen life’s meaning?  What then could life say to us through the veil of simplicity?


We have access to so much technology and electronic devices today, we often take their beeps and alerts for granted.  But, if we imagine ourselves to be in a ‘virtual world’, playing out as characters in a large game, suddenly, all of these devices become part of the messages we receive in order to cue the next stage of the game.  For example, take cell phones.  Nearly everyone has them, each of us linking up to a myriad of on-line capabilities or, at the very least, a long list of contacts and text interactions.  What if we began to notice what we were thinking and ‘asking’ of life – in the moment we received a phone call or a text message?  What if we took it a step further and allowed this ‘message’ to be the answer we needed in that particular moment, and explored the interaction as such?

Would taking that phone call anyway, even if we didn’t feel we wanted to, or had ‘time’ to, yield a ‘bonus’ to our now moment which could have easily been missed by simply passing up the call?  Who called?  When did they call? Where did they call from?  These could all be pieces of a bigger puzzle to be put together by you in order to receive insightful messages as to how ‘on-track’ you are.

People’s names

If we were in a game, a cosmic adventure game, names could take on new meaning.  Couldn’t they?  What if each interaction was taken beyond ‘face value’, as the next messenger sent from life to deliver insights and clues to you about the ever-unfolding mystery?  Think of it as a detective game and you are sent to discover the next moment through the one currently being rendered, like a series of arrows pointing the way.  Who are these people showing up in your reality? What is their purpose? What does it mean that you have met them now, today, like this?  If nothing else, it certainly adds more texture and value to an interaction to view names of people as messages, rather than writing meetings off as ‘mundane circumstances’ of no value.  Right?

You are wondering what to do about a certain issue, maybe something regarding money, and suddenly ‘Anthony’ calls from the phone company.  You may have let the call go to voice mail, but instead, you choose to take the call, to reveal the hidden message.  From what you know so far, the call was about ‘communication’ – the phone company, and from a man named ‘Anthony’ – meaning ‘worthy of praise.’  How does this all fit together?

What if you took the message like this: the male caller represents the masculine aspect of self – the logical, reasoning mind- and it is asking for the quality of praise, in other words, the simple act of ‘noticing’ how well it is doing in ‘watching out for you?’  It wants to be ‘communicated’ to – symbolized by the call coming from the ‘phone company.’  If we related this information to the money issue, we  might simply say that our rational mind would like to be acknowledged for the efforts put in, allowing for communication to occur in order to ‘succeed’ financially.

Flyers, Notices and Tickets 

If life was trying to talk to you, how would it communicate?  People?  Technology?  What about that parking ticket you just got?  Or the flyer someone handed you on the street?  What if you stopped believing that life was happening differently for others all around you and you were just trying to ‘get through’ the masses, and instead began to see everything as there for you?  For YOU?!  If you did this, that flyer some stranger just handed you on the street is suddenly a message to you somehow.  Maybe it isn’t for what the flyer says ‘exactly’, but definitely, there is something there to be gleaned.  If life is talking to you then every notice, ticket and document that is specifically handed to you – is for you somehow.  Now, this doesn’t mean every sign on every road is communicating to you – that would be over-whelming and impossible to decipher.  You do know, however, when life is ‘rendering’ something to you – when it is a gift.

Car Trouble and Body Pain

If we begin to pay conscious attention to all the so-called ‘mundane’ signs in our lives, it is very possible that life begins to reveal her deeper meaning to us and take on an entirely new texture of awe and information.  What if you began to look at both your body and your vehicle as communication devices from a higher plane?  It may sound silly at first, but what if by doing so, answers came quicker and problems could be remedied with greater ease?  Would you try it then?

Many have written about how our body’s speak of our internal thoughts and emotions, and how – by listening to them – we can discover thought patterns and beliefs which are limiting our expression and exhibiting as dis-ease.  If we stretch this concept even further,  deep into metaphysical domains, our car, too – is an extension of our body-vehicle somehow, just like are our pets and our children.  How our car behaves, what ‘breaks down’ and the issues which arise and need ‘fixing’ can all be deeper clues into what is going on in our own inner psyche and offer us insight into how to remedy the situation through self-exploration.  You still may need the mechanic, but it might end up being for another reason all together.

Getting through the ‘Kookie’

This all may sound a bit far-fetched and even ‘kookie’ to some of you, and that is perfect.  It would be pretty weird if we all saw reality in the same way.  Wouldn’t it?  However, if you hear this information, and on some level it resonates with you, well – there might be something in it for you.  Sometimes life speaks to us in totally obvious and magical ways, we just can’t deny it.  Granted, other times, it feels like ‘nothing is happening’ and we don’t know which way to turn.  When we approach life with a spirit of adventure, curiosity and trust, it is always surprising to find just how willing life is to reward us with the blessings of synchronicity and magic.  This magic may not be in the form of disappearing tricks and flying broomsticks, but you may be surprised to find out just how much magic really does exist, when you allow it.

The Children will Lead

All it takes, to approach life in this way, with conscious attention to the mundane as signs for life’s deeper meaning, is to do so as a child.  Drop the facade that we are ‘so smart’ and ‘wise’ as adults who have ‘been there, done that’ and just see what happens.  With all the recent discoveries in science, medicine and biology, how can we ever be so presumptuous as to believe we know what is going on here?  Sure, it placates the reasoning mind to think we know, but ultimately, the knowledge of why we are here and what runs this whole show – is still a mystery to every human being here.  This is the reality, no matter how many letters come after your name.  Even the sages and mystics can only speak in poetic verse and paradox about what it means and where it all goes.  Lao Tzu of the Tao de Ching says ‘Those who know do not speak, and those who speak do not know.” So here I go speaking, revealing all I really do not know about all there is.  So instead – I play with it.

Truly, it is in remembering the ‘game’ that we may discover the hidden mystery.  So, even if this is all full of bologna, wouldn’t it be fun to try it as a game for a while?  Notice the song, decipher the message, look up their name, take the phone call, say yes – see what happens.  Paying conscious attention to the ‘mundane’ signs could radically deepen life’s meaning for you and give you a new outlook on what it means to be alive.  Why not give it a try?  I’d love to hear how this plays out for you.  The game is on!


Written by: Stasia Bliss


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