Consciousness – Hijacked by a Higher Power

Consciousness - Hijacked by a higher power

What does it mean to be conscious? Is it merely a word to describe the state of not being asleep? And what does it mean to be ‘asleep?’ When we think of sleeping, many of our minds drift to nighttime rest and the state we put ourselves into in order to ‘rest off’ the day’s activities to prepare for the next day. Some say there is more to being conscious than merely walking around with our eyes physically open. In fact, there is a whole other level of ‘consciousness’ which, when realized, makes one feel as though they have been pleasantly hijacked by a higher power. When this happens, you begin to realize all of life previously has felt like sleep, and a new life now begins with eyes truly ‘wide open.’

What is consciousness?

Consciousness, as described by masters and sages of old, is recognized as a state of awareness where one perceives beyond the normal scope of perception. One who is ‘conscious’ has become awakened to a greater picture than the one consisting of simple identity and day to day routines. Consciousness is experienced as communion with all beings where one can no longer see others a ‘separate’, but as extensions of the greater self.

If one is not ‘awake’, there is no way of comprehending awakeness, just like someone in a dream will not be able to access waking consciousness until the dream ends. Someone who has passed the threshold into conscious states of awareness has no need to explain themselves or their behavior to others, but rather begins to settle into a new knowing. What is ‘known’ in this new reality is realized to be less than ever before thought, while what is ‘unknown’ becomes vast and humbling to stand before.

How awake and how to awaken?

It seems almost trivial to try and speak of consciousness, for it is a state of being, a state of mind – when you reach you are simply there, and when you are not – you are not. Science is starting to attempt to measure states of consciousness and several recent studies have actually gone so far as to assign value to ‘levels’ of awareness – using a point system. I spoke about this in a recent article entitled ‘Diamond Consciousness – what is it?‘ Enlightenment, as seen in those considered masters and saints like Jesus, Buddha and others were given 1000 points, while ‘lower’ emotions such as guilt, fear and even love and joy were assigned lower values – love and joy in the 500’s and fear and guilt below 100.

It’s funny to me to speak of consciousness in terms of number values and measurements. The experience of awakening is so profound and unique to each individual, and yet cannot truly be predicted or labratorized.
How one awakens to a ‘larger reality’ and when one awakens, is entirely personal and perfect for each individual. Just because one may take ‘longer’ to wake up to live life with more consciousness does not mean they are in any way less intelligent or important. Conscious awakening can be triggered by any number of things including near death experiences, drugs, deep grief or loss, spontaneous kundalini activation, proximity to another being who is awakened, the words of a book, music or simply a momentary epiphany of realization.

Something like this

The moment of awakening consciousness is akin to being born again, when you feel as though your old mundane life and perspective has suddenly been hijacked by a higher power. It is an ecstatic experience that you never really get to repeat in the same way twice. Unlike going to bed and waking up fresh every morning, waking up from the slumber of consciousness in this reality is never as profound as those first moments of eye-opening awe. Yes, consciousness continues to expand, unfold and unveil itself to those on the path of conscious awakening, but there is a distinct different between the first glimpse and all the deeper views. Waking up to oneself and all that is -could be likened unto the sexual experience – before which you are considered a virgin, having never tasted of the sexual act before.  As a virgin you are not really able to comprehend the nuances and textures of sex, even if it is described to you with great accuracy.  It is still, just a musing, just a concept.  After the first time, even if it is not the most amazing experience of your life, you will never again be able to live as though you do not know about sex.

What it is and is not

One living in consciousness strives to take responsibility for everything that happens to them in life. The old games of victim-hood and blame can no longer be engaged in comfortably, for these titles appear now false. Conscious beings put less weight on ‘the cares of the world’ and more on the quality of their joy, interactions and personal relationship with self and a higher power – whatever that is to them.  In consciousness, the concepts of quantum physics begin to accurately describe what is being experienced and are less of crazy notions and more just exciting revelations of what is.  As the world evolves and more and more individuals ‘wake up’ things are definitely changing.

Consciousness is not about status, class or knowing more than another.  Conscious beings do not concern themselves with trying to defend or convince one of their awareness.  Often this happens in the initial stages, as the shift becomes so profound to the new awareness, the need to share almost becomes overwhelming.  But, in the peace and acceptance of what has truly been lifted, the truly conscious will lovingly await the opportunity to hold the hands of those who are stepping into the new without judgment, impatience or pride.

Consciousness en mass

The whole of humanity and the consciousness of the masses is akin to the opening of a flower.  Each being is one petal on the flower, some will open before the others…but each one in perfect and divine timing.  The other petals cannot force the opening of the inner ones, nor should they -lest they break the flower and all the petals drop to the ground.  Opening of the entire flower depends on each person doing their part to be who they are and awaken when it is their turn to do so.  In the eyes of the conscious on-looker, it is truly a beautiful and miraculous orchestra playing out with perfection.

To awaken beyond the slumber of the mundane world can be a glorious but sometimes startling occurrence.  The truth is, one who is awake with a loving heart would never try and force another to wake up outside their natural time.  Once you wake up to a greater perspective of life you realize there is no way to ever go back – and in some ways, ignorance IS bliss.  Yet, in that ignorant bliss you realize you had no control over your emotions, attachments or decisions, while in ‘awake’ mode you can become master of your reality.  It is both empowering and somewhat frightening to wake up.  To have your consciousness expanded can sometimes feel like you were hijacked by a higher, unknown power – unable to resist the mind trip that is now allowing you perspective as never before.  There are many teachers, leaders, gurus and wise beings who are there to assist one who is newly awakened, though truth be known – the answers always, always can be found within.

Happy awakening.


Written by: Stasia Bliss

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