Diamond Consciousness – What is it?

diamond consciousness - what is it?
The diamond is one of the most precious elements on the planet.  It is one of the toughest materials, coveted by many as a symbol of love, commitment, power and wealth.  Diamonds have long represented clarity and strength due to their properties and mystical traditions have repeatedly used the example of diamond formation to demonstrate the potential of one’s person when enduring the pressures of transformation and growth.  What is meant by the term ‘diamond consciousness’ and how does one acquire such a state?

The Indian nationalist and philosopher Sri Aurobindo spoke of something he called the ‘supermind’, which he describes as being able to look at concepts and experiences through all perspectives.  This would be equivalent to diamond consciousness – cultivating the capacity to see through all points of view and recognize them all as valid.  How does one develop such an attitude within?

Teachers of Consciousness

Yogic traditions, ancient Egyptian practices, and other mystical philosophies created schools of thought around cultivating awareness of the ‘ultimate reality’ while in this bodily form.  Those who have been considered sages, gurus, masters and teachers- such as Buddha, Jesus, Mohammad, Ghandi, the Dhali Lama and others, have been qualified as such due to their ability to see life through a diamond-like consciousness, one free of distortions, fractures or ‘impurities’.  Much of what we consider ‘knowledge’ in the world today, these teachers of consciousness would call distortions of the ‘ultimate truth.’  Science is working hard to discover this ultimate reality and describe it in human terms using equations, numbers and concepts.  But what if the ‘highest truth’ for all of us is ultimately indescribable?

When you look at the process of a diamond being formed and realize that what was once merely coal has become something so beautiful, clear and precious – you can’t help but wonder if the same principle which allowed its miraculous transformation is available elsewhere in the natural world. If it is available to us?  Science is now telling us we have nearly identical DNA to every other thing on the planet.  We are really only slight variations from each other.  Life is becoming a dance of metaphors bleeding into one another and concepts from one field of thought are starting to feed others as we realize all is interconnected.

Inter-related Fields of Study

It is becoming more and more obvious that you cannot have good health without a positive mind and now, quantum science confirms that the observer’s thoughts affect the outcome of a scientific experiment.   Scientific discoveries are confirming ancient spiritual teachings and geological findings are now beginning to back-up mythological tales of wonderment.   The line between fantasy and reality is smearing while dream states are becoming valid entry points for affecting waking consciousness.

What life seems to be asking of us, in order to obtain what could be called ‘diamond consciousness’ or a clear mind, is to rid ourselves of preconceived ideas and judgmental thoughts which fog the lens and enhance factors of separation.  When we search for answers in science,  health, the environment, education, we must not disregard other fields of thought.  When we do we are looking through only one facet of the whole, while allowing the other perspectives to be fogged over with disbelief, skepticism and dismissal.

Health doubt and skepticism are okay and even crucial when clearing the windows of the mind.  Most importantly though, is the ability to allow information to be transient, transparent and movable, so as to constantly make room for the emerging new realities that are inevitably rising up through all that we think we know.

Experts and Analysis

A.H. Almaas Ph. D., ‘expert’ in the diamond path of consciousness, writes in his book Pearl Beyond Price about the mind and how it relates to diamond consciousness:

In some sense, the Diamond Consciousness is the integration of the mental faculties- intelligence, discrimination, synthesis, understanding and so on – into Being, just as the Personal Essence is the integration of another level of qualities.  This aspect of Essence is the source of true insight, intuition, knowledge and understanding. It functions through a capacity of simultaneous analysis and synthesis. Its capacity for analysis is stupendous; it can move in closer and closer, its perception becoming sharper and sharper, and its understanding more and more precise, as one contemplates any subject. It synthesizes all that is available to the consciousness of the individual, making its analysis ever more precise. And it can reverse the whole process, using the insights and perceptions arising from the analysis for greater synthesis.

In the Scientific GOD Journal an article named How to Pursue Pure Consciousness: A Scientific Analysis by Pradeep B. Deshpande and B.D. Kulkarni attempt are made to document the way in which this so-called diamond consciousness can be obtained.  They use kineseology – a type of muscle testing – to test 2000 people on questions in the ‘collective mind’ – questions not many just ‘know’ off the top of their head like ‘what is the diameter of the sun?’ The study notes how a high percentage of people respond strongly to the ‘right’ answer and weak to a ‘wrong’ answer – indicating that we all have access to truths without learned knowledge.

The analysis makes a determination on how to measure consciousness as ‘pure’ based on a persons ability to access all of ‘A B C’ without having to go from A to B to C, scrutinizing information leading the way to each consecutive step.  This is also described as having ‘knowledge of subjects without rationality.’  The study assesses certain spiritual ‘masters’ as having pure consciousness, rated at 1000 while someone like Hitler received a score below 250.   Points were calibrated based on emotions given values which would undoubtedly affect the purity and clarity of one’s consciousness.  A ‘diamond consciousness – also termed ‘enlightenment’ on the chart rates at 1000, while emotions such as Joy rate 540, Love at 500, Acceptance at 350, Courage at 200, Anger at 150, Fear 100, Guilt at 30 and the lowest, Shame – a mere 20 points.

If we are to obtain clear, diamond-like consciousness, we must abandon shame, guilt, anger and fear and begin to climb the ladder of higher emotions, emphasizing those things that can lift and clean the windows of our inner mind.  Courage gives way to willingness, which leads the way to acceptance, reason, love, joy and finally enlightenment.  In the final position, ‘lower emotions’ are no longer judged as such, but integrated into the One heart of vision.  Expression of anger, guilt and shame no longer take hold in the one with the diamond mind, but rather are transmuted in the fire of understanding, allowing the presence of them to reap insight, mingle with intuition and reveal that which their manifestation hides.

A diamond consciousness is one that can see all facets of reality as valid, while not being swayed to ‘like’ or ‘dislike’ any given solution more than another.  Instead, diamond consciousness views all perspectives as integral parts of the whole manifesting.  Modern science is beginning to lean toward the possibility of multiple parallel realities existing at once.  Some argue that at each and every moment we are choosing the reality we experience based on our resonant beliefs and thought-forms.   In order to reach a diamond, clear state of consciousness we must rise beyond merely loving and accepting ourselves and life, but find ourselves in observation of the great play – unattached and inclusive of the myriad of paint thrown on the tapestry called existence. We must choose to hold the space of balance, peace and purity of mind so that others may find themselves invited into the same field when with us.  Perhaps by holding a clear mind ourselves, we can do as Gandhi suggests and ‘Be the Change We Wish to See in the World’, resulting in peace for all.


Written By: Stasia Bliss

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  1. Sławomir Mejziński   May 16, 2014 at 12:38 pm

    The Diamond Frequency of Consciousness = 777?

  2. JANE FOX   January 13, 2014 at 9:48 pm

    I was lying in my bed tonite,when the words,”diamond conciousness” just popped in to my field. So I googled it and was not surprised at all as I am a student of quantum realities and physics. I am also an author and write about these things. Diamonds have been showing up everywhere lately.Thank you for your article here. Jane Li Fox

    • stasiabliss   January 14, 2014 at 10:01 am

      It was my pleasure…thank you for tuning into the field and then acting on your insights. This is what makes magical, yes? I would love to see some of the things you have written. Blessings.

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