Lady Gaga Topless and Cher Furious

Lady Gaga Topless Cher Furious

Lady Gaga Topless Cher Furious

Lady Gaga can’t get enough of posing in her birthday suit. She just finished doing The Abramovic Method Kickstarter video for the Marina Abramovic Institute where she leaves nothing to the imagination. Now, she’s posing topless for V magazine. But her baring of the flesh has not hidden her rage at hackers leaking her Applause song early and when her duet with fellow music icon Cher, The Greatest Thing getting leaked as well made Cher not a little furious herself.

Mother Monster loves to show off her assets almost as much as her tattoos. She has gone topless, again, for the September edition of V magazine. While her naked video for The Abramovic Method was slightly esoteric and rather creepy, her photographic layout for V magazine and her cover shot are not.

On the cover she’s in a red top wearing jeans that are undone. But she can’t resist the urge to pose in pictures that are not glamorous, in her topless, and almost bottomless, pose her face and the area above her breasts are both smeared with either charcoal or mud. While that shot couldn’t be called sexy, it can be called artistic.

The 27 year-old singer says that she doesn’t have any problem with her own nudity and she seems to see it as another way to show her how different she is to others in the pop music world. She says as much in the magazine’s interview.

In the V magazine interview she says, “I thought about Pop Art and how the dominant subject matter was always the celebrity or the pop-culture icon on the canvas…I don’t want to be an icon in just one form. I want to be an icon in many forms. So that’s where it began.”

But Lady Gaga’s preoccupation with being a naked icon has not diverted her anger from the hackers who have leaked two of her songs early. She has appealed to her little monsters to turn in those responsible for the leaks. Her latest topless photoshoot comes after her single Applause and her duet with Cher, The Greatest Thing were both leaked by hackers. Cher seemed to be furious about the leak.

But besides asking her fans on Twitter not to support the hackers, she had also been tweeting about the Applause lyric video shoot and letting her fans know about where it would take place. It was all put together at the famous Hollywood gay nightclub Micky’s. Once her fans knew where the shoot was being filmed they headed for the club and waited for Gaga to show up.

And show up she did. After arriving just after 11 p.m. she stayed to film the crowd while she roamed around the bar area with her bodyguards. According to MTV she also filmed two fans who had covered their faces to match the cover of her Applause single.

A source who was at the bar told MTV that Lady Gaga was, “so casual.”

Perhaps as casual as when she poses topless. But her duet partner Cher wasn’t feeling casual at all. In fact, she sounded furious when she found out that their song The Greatest Thing had been leaked early as well, she let the Twitter world know all about it. Cher tweeted: “Disappointed (I’ve sat on fkng song 4 over a yr) NOW SOME A–HOLE LEAKS WRONG VERSION! GaGa’s SINGLE IS GREAT, & THAT’S ALL THAT MATTERS.” But about the Gaga’s song Applause, she was all praise, tweeting: “Just heard ‘Applause’ it’s AMAZING!!!” We agree!

By Michael Smith
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  1. Lady Gaga is hardly deserving of the title “Lady” she is a media slut and a publicity prostitute who is tone deaf. She filters her voice through reverb and auto-tune to hide her inability to sing. So many people have lowered threir standards of quality they mistake sensationalism for talent.

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