Famke Janssen Burglar Leaves Creepy but Possibly Valuable Gift

Famke Janssen Burglar Leaves Creepy but Possibly Valuable Gift

Famke Janssen Burglar Leaves Creepy but Possibly Valuable Gift

Although police have not been able to detect any signs of a break-in, Famke Janssen, star of X-Men and Hemlock Grove says that a burglar got into her house and left her a creepy gift. While the book being left behind is a tad disturbing, it could well be valuable.

Apparently, Janssen called the police to come to her penthouse apartment in New York City over the weekend reporting that someone had entered her home. She told police that when she got back to her apartment, she discovered something that wasn’t hers, next to her bed. It was a book and the title is the innocuous sounding The Lonely Doll. Although the book’s title could have another meaning if it were left by a stalker. With the idea that Famke is that lonely doll.

The book is the first of a children’s series that was written by Dare Wright who was a photographer was well as a writer of children’s fiction. First published in 1957, the book features photographs to aid in telling the story. The book went out of print for several years and was then part of five books from Wright that have been reprinted.

The Lonely Doll is about a doll named Edith who lives alone until two teddy bears turn up. One of the bears, Mr. Bear, tells the doll that he will be with her always.

The New York City Police Department have confirmed that they are looking into the reported break-in that appears to have happened last Saturday at the 47 year-old actress’ penthouse apartment in Greenwich Village.

Janssen told police that she found the book sitting on a shelf next to her bed, and that only she can get into her apartment. The Lonely Doll book seems to be a sort of creepy, if not valuable gift left for Famke by her weekend visitor. The actress allegedly found that someone had placed a copy of the children’s book on a shelf by her bed, but the actress says she is the only person who can access the apartment.

Law enforcement officials state that there are no signs of force having been used to gain access to the penthouse apartment and that nothing seems to have been taken.

The New York Daily News reports that back in 2005, Janssen had a fan stalking her who kept sending her pictures and letters until she contacted the police to to file a harassment report. It does raise the question of whether or not the person who entered her apartment was not a fan who wanted to leave the book as a message or, somewhat more disturbingly, as a promise.

But the burglar could have done Famke Janssen a huge favour. If the edition of the children’s book is a first edition or one of the books that were printed before being discontinued and then republished. It could be valuable instead of just creepy. Perhaps it was meant to just be a gift and not some sort of disturbing and stalkerish type message. Unfortunately, the book The Lonely Doll will still be lonely as it sits in a police evidence locker in New York.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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