Department of Homeland Security Funds Racism [video]

Racism Exists in Many Colors

Racism Comes in Many Colors

Is the Department of Homeland Security Employing Racists? One of their employees, Ayo Kimathi, owns and operates a website that supports killing white people in mass quantity. Kimathi works with Immigration and Customs Enforcement as a small business specialist.

Kimathi not only dislikes the Caucasian race but he hates homosexuals and black leaders that he considers to be Uncle Toms as well: Al Sharpton, Oprah Winfrey, Condoleezza Rice, and of course, President Obama. He called Colin Powell and Whoopi Goldberg scum dwellers, and according to him; they fight against reparations for blacks but support gay rights.

His previous supervisor can’t believe he is still employed by the government. She said he is full of hate and everyone in their office is scared of him. They fear he will walk in one day, go postal and just start shooting.

His site, “War on the Horizon,” has a declaration that reads, “Once we have largely purged our race of its race traitors, war with our natural enemy, the white Race, will intensify and become the single most powerful motivating force in the lives of African people worldwide.” He claims that an inevitable clash with the Caucasian race is on the horizon and it will be unavoidable. He said if African Americans plan to survive they will be forced to kill a lot of the white race.

Kimathi is an acquisition officer that buys many items that support this type of thinking. He is allowed to use government money to buy guns and ammunition. One would think that someone that supports mass murder would not be allowed to use federal funds for such items; especially anyone interested in harming innocent human beings.

It’s been reported that his website was approved by his superiors. Ironically one would think that Department of Homeland Security is designed to protect all Americans against any type of threat. Kimathi is advocating a very different point of view.

Reportedly his site was approved but he wasn’t honest when he described it. He allegedly portrayed it as an entertainment website and didn’t expose the title of his website. He said he would be selling lectures and concert videos on the site that he referred to with the simple acronym, “WOH.”

A spokesperson for Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Gillian Christensen, said that they do not advocate any kind of hateful violence against anybody. Even still, Kimathi is employed within her department.

Kimathi is a threat to all people and should not be on the payroll of the Department of Homeland Security. He has been a part of the Homeland Security team since 2009. The department received so much criticism for Kimathi’s role in racism while being employed by our government that on Friday he was put on administrative leave – with pay.

He was reported by The Southern Poverty Law Center. This is a center that monitors hate groups and understandably his site hit their radar. Kimathi’s site, “War on the Horizon” attacks not only Caucasians, but homosexuals, mixed race individuals and even African Americans that associate or mix with whites.

Kimathi could not be reached for comment after several attempts. As of today he is still being paid with tax payers money while on administrative leave.



By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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