The Number Eleven Still Finds a Way to Fascinate People

number 11

The number eleven holds a significant meaning, and the historical events surrounding the famous number eleven, while numerous, some are unfortunate. The number eleven continues to fascinate, and we keep on conjuring up futuristic events that may or may not happen. However based on the intrigue and historical events surrounding the number eleven we can imagine taking this number as a significant indicator of events happening around the world.

Number eleven is one to the left or eleven is a prime number, and it is also the same number when written backwards.

Fun math facts are numerous and have kept people intrigued with the simple calculations when using the number eleven. Multiplication by eleven is easy and an example of this can be seen when multiplying by a 2-digit number, add the two digits and place the sum in between. Such simplicity, other fun factors are referenced on the internet.
Eleven has only negatives attached to it, in biblical terms it represents disorder, imperfection and chaos. An example of this representation is:

Eleven dukes of Edom were constantly at war with Israel.
Eleven sons of Jacob brought disintegration into the family.
The word Hades is mentioned eleven times in the New Testament and is translated to Hell ten times and grave only once.

Over the years, it is said that the number eleven portrays evil, transgression peril sin and is seen as a dual character.

Eleven is a mathematical relationship ratio throughout the Great Pyramid of Giza among other fascinating calculations.

Some historical facts about number eleven –
The devastating Japan earthquake caused havoc in 2011.
During 2011, Egypt president resigns.
The 2010 solstice under eclipse occurred eleven days before 1-1-11

Number eleven also represents a dreamy nature, nervous energy and shyness. Then the number eleven is also considered as a spiritual awakening, enlightenment, high energy, idealism and inspiration are another few depictions.

A small number of facts surrounding number eleven

Jesus Christ – The name adds up to eleven digits
World war 1 ended at the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month
The dreadful Twin towers destroyed on the eleventh
There are eleven players on a football team
Number eleven is the number of a gun salute in the US military
Number eleven is essential in numerology as it is the first master number, this is a significant number
The tarot card number eleven is referred to as Justice
Reiki has eleven traditional hand positions.
Hu is allocated the number eleven, which is a prime number in the Islamic mystics of numbers.
The sun spot cycle repeats about every eleven years.

In numerology the number eleven is referenced as a vibration frequency of balance, it is the number that contains both the sun and the moon energy simultaneously.

Not to forget the number eleven and Nelson Mandela, the following is referenced to this icon.
There were a number of ceremonies just before, on, and just after July 11, 2013.

Winnie Mandela had a Church Service.
Was a Church service in Soweto. Even the Roman Catholics had one.
The old guard ANC/SACP had their get-together on that day.
In addition, something happened at Qunu.
Of course it’s the date he was buried a month after his death, on June eleven.

Written by Laura Oneale

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