Drunk Celebrity Judge Caught on Tape [video]

Reputation Management Never Gets a Day Off

Judge Joe Brown

Celebrity Judge Joe Brown was caught drunk, flirting with beautiful women and slandering his own television show. This 66-year-old judge was trashed after drinking double Bombay Sapphire mixed with tonic water.

The former reality TV judge of the show with the same name, “Judge Joe Brown,” was caught enjoying the night life in California. Someone recorded his foolish antics with video and shared it with the world. The former arbitrator and criminal court judge from Tennessee was using obscenities and flirting with two women while clearly intoxicated. You can catch the full blown reality of his antics in the included footage.

Judge Joe Brown is seen posing for pictures with women and when questioned about being a player he pulled out his cell phone and displayed a picture of his wife. He is married to 50-year-old Deborah Herron and has been for the last 12 years.

His courtroom reality show aired for 15 years. It was the second highest rated court show behind Judge Judy. The premise of his platform was, “Promoting manhood and protecting womanhood.” The show was cancelled by CBS in March.

At that time the CBS Television Distribution thanked Judge Brown for his 15 great years of service. They also thanked the staff and producer for their dedication to the show. If they had seen this footage prior to the statement  they would probably be singing a different tune; Judge Brown surely is.

It’s been reported that Brown earned $20 million per year, but due to declining ratings CBS wanted to cut his salary.

It seems since the Judge is no longer taping new episodes that he’s decided his brand no longer needs protecting. Once thing is certain: his brand and reputation have definitely taken a hard hit with this last stunt.

Social behavior specialists agree that people form an opinion about the person they are meeting within 4 seconds of connecting with one another. That means people can’t afford to take a day off when their reputation is on the line. People must take time to really understand that they are the visible experience of their brand; which often speaks louder than they realize.

People must remember to keep themselves presentable at all times. First impressions are lasting opinions until there is kink in the chain.

Google is the world’s most powerful search engine and as such is a clear-cut opportunity for reputation management. It would be a smart thing for people to monitor how they act in public and do a better job of presenting the best possible version of who they are.

While the world is focusing on 20-year-old Miley Cyrus everyone somehow overlooked this 66-year-old Judge who should know better. The judge has spent years scrutinizing people for their behavior and it seems the tables may have just turned. He may have thought his time in the spotlight was over but it seems the cameras have started to roll again.



By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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  1. Elfen   August 26, 2013 at 11:30 pm

    BIG DEAL SO HE WAS DRUNK Judge Brown was on him OWN time doin his thang! He is nolonger a Judge in the court system He is a Celeb Judge yes but Let this man alone DAUYM GEEZ So I guess Joe can’t kick it & get drunk talk & take pics with fans?

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