Egyptian Armed Forces Saving North Africa from the Muslim Brotherhood

Egyptian soldiers and civilians
Democracy, freedom, equality, tolerance; The Muslim Brotherhood cannot claim to believe in such concepts. As an organization, it has never displayed any intention of promoting these ideals, either in Egypt or in any other country in which it has a presence. Anyone who values their freedom should, in fact, be grateful that the Egyptian armed forces are saving North Africa from the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Brotherhood was not founded on democratic principles and has never actively promoted Democracy. In addition, it is a movement that has made clear its preference for Sharia law; a code of supposed justice that incompatible with any of the four concepts listed. Founded in Egypt in the 1920’s, the organization is politically Marxist. Since Marxists reject God and religion, the Brotherhood cannot claim to be a religious movement. Islam has become the banner behind which they hide, but their unhesitating willingness to kill other Muslims demonstrates how blasphemous the Brotherhood is to Islam.

An almost inexplicable wave of sympathy for the movement seems to have swept the western media; suddenly, the Egyptian military and police are the bad guys and the poor, unarmed and innocent supporters of the Brotherhood are being mercilessly gunned down in the street. This is, in fact, a total distortion of what has happened in Egypt. When Muhamed Morsi became President, he immediately set about making himself a dictator whilst, at the same time, completely neglecting the socio-economic problems of his people. This situation led to a massive popular uprising against him. The Egyptian military – who handed power to him in the first place, following the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak – gave him an opportunity to make reforms which would appease the Egyptian people and end the unrest. This, Morsi flatly refused to do. True to their word, Egypt’s military leaders then removed him from power.

Seeing their recently attained power grab ripped away from them, the Muslim Brotherhood have, since Morsi’s ouster and arrest, prevented the military from transferring power to a new government. They have done so deliberately, since if they had allowed a swift and peaceful transition, they would have been nudged aside with no international attention whatever and Egyptians and the world would have praised the Egyptian army for putting the country back on the road to democratic reform. The Brotherhood couldn’t afford that, so they have chosen a scorched-earth policy; they would rather tear the country apart in order to force the hand of army and, in the process, make themselves look, to the outside world, like brave martyrs struggling for freedom against an authoritarian and out-of-control military.

The entire episode is a tragic charade and the western media have swallowed the bait whole. The Muslim Brotherhood has angered ordinary citizens in Libya and Tunisia – as well as their homeland of Egypt; these people are under no illusions as to what their lives will be like if the Muslim Brotherhood comes to power in their countries. They will be forced to cower in fear from extremist, reactionary rulers who will use Sharia to strip them of their rights. In Tunisia and Egypt, the prized tourist industries will die and tens of thousands more people will sink into crushing poverty.

This, of course, is the Marxist way; strip people of their hopes, their freedom and whatever prosperity they enjoy and you will have complete control over them. The free world should be grateful that the Egyptian armed forces are saving North Africa from the Muslim Brotherhood.


An Op/Ed by Graham J Noble

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  1. fax   August 26, 2013 at 2:05 pm

    The Muslim Brotherhood is terrorist group.

  2. fax   August 26, 2013 at 1:23 pm

    The Muslim Brotherhood dragging and killing of a taxi driver by supporters of the outsed president in Alexandria

  3. fax   August 26, 2013 at 1:02 pm

    We call for an early presidential election, and rebel Obama because of his abuse of power.


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